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November 21, 2009

In memory of Pak Man - the best neighbor I ever had.

How many of us would talk to our neighbors, not just the one next door, but the whole 40 doors n.e.w.s, talk... not just smile and say hi, in this 'modern' era in KL? I bet..not many of us...

Well, Pak Man would, regardless of any race, religion, age, citizenship....everyone who passed by his house while he was doing his gardening, watering his beautiful n healthy plants, paint his gate and whatever work around the house that would kept him busy, he would talk n chat with them.

He was not being nosy of any sort but he always had something to talk about. He had a deep voice with a quite high tone, so whenever he speaks, everyone around could hear. He didn't sound irritating or annoying at all, in fact it was soothing to hear that he was around, taking care of the place he has lived in for more than 20 years.

We moved in beside his house about 6 months ago, but I knew him since I was little. his daughter is a friend of mine and we went to the same primary school. During my teen, I always hung out at my friend's house near his. So, I always saw him. But of course, when I introduced myself 6 months ago, he couldn't recall seeing me.

He was friendly. We chatted almost every time, after I send my kids to school. His wife, Aunty Munah is a very nice lady and she is the homey type, didn't get to talk to her much. See, between my house and his house is a beautiful-grassy alley. That's where his garden is. Although our house is a corner lot, we don't have our own land at the side of the house. So, Pak Man will always do his gardening at this no man's land.

That alley led to a village, where many Indonesians (who has been staying here for a long time) and some locals, live. Many of them are his acquaintance too.

I remembered I told him about my concern of the people who is frequently walking by just beside my window to him, and he said its okay, I'm around. I remembered, a week before Raya this year, when suddenly I heard a grass cutter sound from my backyard. I was surprised, to see someone was 'repairing' my lawn, and Pak Man was standing by looking at the man 'mowing', who eventually is staying behind my house (one of the villagers). Apparently, he requested that guy to do it for him by using his new cutting grass machine. Without me knowing, he asked my kids to opened up the backyard gate. I looked at Pak Man and shouted (as it was noisy, I wasn't rude), "Apa ni, Pak Man?"(slang utara, as he is from Penang) and he said, "Takpa, Selamat Hari Raya" and smiled...(he didn't have to shout, his voice is loud enough ;-)). I immediately called up my other half and said, we have to give him something in return, as he was so kind. Yeah, his kindness was countless.

During his family's Raya open house, we cooperated a bit, as he need to use some space. We didn't mind, and that was the first and the last time we sat down and chatted with him. A week after Raya, I barely hear his voice in the morning. I was wondering why, I thought he went somewhere for holiday. He didn't appear constantly as before. I thought of asking, but it didn't get there. Seriously, it was kinda odd to not 'hear' him. About two weeks ago, he asked whether I have a playar, I laughed and said, "I wanted to borrow yours a week ago but your house was shut". He grinned.

When I was sick the other day, my other half managed to speak to him. He mentioned about having hypertension and the doctor advised him not to carry anything heavier than 5kg..he said, "Pak Man takut dah, sebab if i go the market, it'll weight more than 10kg". Three days ago, I saw him got down from a cab. He held a pack of food in his hand.

Yesterday....... As I was about to go out, I saw a few front of my house. I was a little annoyed, as it was difficult for me to reversed my car out. Until I saw a light brown hearse from my rear mirror, I stopped...One elderly Indian couple was walking by the roadside towards me...I stopped them and asked what happened. The woman said, "He passed away..." I asked, "Who passed away?" The man said "Osman..." I said "What!!!" Then the woman said, " I still can't believe it, yesterday we were talking to him..and today he's gone". Pak Man is like a well like 'Penghulu' in this area, he sometimes walked around and talk to everyone. Many of the residents here are pensioners. Seems that, the day before his passing, he talked to many people around here. A way for him to say goodbye?...Wallahualam

I have an appointment that time, I Blank. I drove to the shop nearby, made all necessary calls and returned home immediately. I changed my clothes and went to pay my last respect. The per what I wrote earlier, from all walks of life..., many walked down from their house to his. The family was still shocked by the sudden demise. He had a Heart attack in IJN. He was buried after Isya' and I made my way to the cemetery, after I have settled my stuffs. Tears filled my eyes. No more of his unique voice every morning, afternoon and evening. My kid was asking, "Then who is going to water his plants?" I said, "We all...". His funeral went smooth and simple, and there were no heavy rain. Alhamdullilah. At the back of my mind the memories of Pak Man still lingers and that is why I am writing this. He was and still special for us one family although we only knew each other. Sorry this was written in a sloppy english, I just felt like writing about him, and it came out spontaneously.

To Latifah (Intan) and family, your father, like I have mentioned to you that day, he was a super nice man, kind, generous and funny. He is like an uncle to us (y'know the THE favorite-uncle type), maybe to many of the neighbors here too. He will be deeply and dearly missed by us all. My condolence to you and family, may his soul be amongst the solihins. Amin. Al Fatihah.

P/s: during the tahlil ceremony, many turned up, more than 100 people cramped up the house and the single storey house compound. ...he went to IJN alone?...and only the doctor knew what happened? Walluhualam


September 14, 2009

Babbling before raya...

It's goin' to be 6 days more to celebrate 1 Syawal. And how time flies. Believe it or not, I haven't prepared anything yet. Usually, for the 'baju raya', we will buy a few days before raya. Of course I am aware of the lack of choice there, but what the heck, the less choice the better so that I won't be dragging my feet and get super exhausted when there's too many choices to choose from plusss joining millions of people shopping. I hate crowds like that. I prefer to shop without too many people around. It is more peaceful. When raya is approaching, it seems like everybody has gone mad or somethin'. Jam here, jam there. I kept askin' myself whether I should buy myself any baju raya. As there are soooo many baju k in my closet, which I rarely wear. Now for the theme colour of the year thingy. I don't remember me and my parents ever had those kinda thing. Nowadays, my kid lah, Ayska, she would always want to choose the colour theme every year. And I sorta 'agree' with it provided it would be according to conveniences and the budget ;-P. And she is still haven't and white or red and white...

I don't have any plans to decorate the house. Since, I just moved in about 3 months ago, some things are still clean and new ;-) Although, I do want to buy a new sofa...dono what the heck for..hehehe

And this year, I seriously don't have the mood to pre-order any kuih raya. That too, I have decided to just buy last minute, somewhere...maybe settled for some famous @mos and some kerepeks. I think people likes to have those than the kuih raya. Okay, I must admit, my mother is baking about 2 or 3 cookies, I will import from her place to mine lah ma. But in return, I hafta bake cakes lah and one main dish. I prefer baking cakes than cookies. It is simple...just mix, stir, pour and bake. But I do long for homemade traditional cookies which is very hard to find here.

Since we will be celebrating raya in KL this year, so everything is going to be simple. Mayyybeee, a little bit special for the kids, as Amar 5 and Ayska 9 has been diligently fasting. Amar missed two days so far, one because he did not sahur and another one was because he had a little bit of temperature. And the whole Ramadhan this year was a bit challenging for me, that is merely because both of my kids are fasting and for the first time in my life, I have not miss sahur. The challenges are... One thing for sure, I don't sleep early..I can't actually: unless I am mega tired and I prefer to do my script work at night. So, I have to stay up till sahur time, which is usually around 0500hrs and I get the food ready from 0430hrs. And what time do I sleep? 0700hrs... sleep-time has become haywired. You see, if I sleep, which is going to be like at 0300hrs, the waking up for sahur would be very very very unlikely hehe. Not complaining, just want to make sure, the kids can fast and they do eat a lot during sahur - pretty surprising there. Another challenge is, waking up Amar...phew...I had to carry him...wash his face and his him on the chair. Then I hafta to stare and persuade him (seriously testing my patient) to eat, as he will stare at the food for at least 20 minutes before he starts to touch it. And after I finish my food, I had to stare and persuade him again and wait for him to finish his food.

I hate going to Pasar Ramadhan, one because it is so so so pricey, two because it is not as tasty even though its pricey, three - again..the crowd. Okay, I did go lah, only when there are not so many people there yet (around 1600hrs), when I am seriously tired and I don't have time to cook and to get some dessert or kuih. I think I went like, 4 times and the rest of the days, I prefer cooking, although simple food but satisfaction guaranteed. I did go breaking fast with friends, outside and it's fun once in a while.

So there, the story of my Ramadhan, which will come to an end soon. I must say this time around is much more fulfilling and joyful. And the next thing you know comes another Ramadhan again...time flies time flies time flies.

so...sekarang ... saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari, meminta maaf zahir dan batin jika ada tersalah dan tersilap dan masih lagi dok salah dan silap sampai tak tau bila pastu lepas raya buat lagi salah dan silap dan saya akan minta maaf the next raya and so on and so forth.

Saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, moga aidilfitri anda dan keluarga di sambut dengan meriah dan aman serta sihat walafiat. Makan rendang dan kuih macam biasa, jangan over. Moga tiada lagi yang pergi disebabkan pandemic H1N1. Dan bawalah kenderaan anda dengan berhati-hati and relax. Selamat pergi dan selamat balik. Dannn tolooongglah jangan main mercun! okay!

Thats all folks! See ya next time!
Keep Smiling Keep Shining

Roger and out


August 09, 2009

A short and sweet getaway

Last Tuesday, me and my 'bff' decided to go somewhere, a short vacation, since we have been postponing it for over 3 months already. Work work work managed to trigger us to make an impromptu plan on a getaway mission for a little while. So the best and the shortest journey to sorta paradise is PD....errr...again

Earlier this year we were there too, stayed at an apartment, which i forgot what is the name of the place. We were quite surprise that PD seasides has become cleaner and prettier. So, the place we stayed earlier and the place that I'm writing here now, shares the same lagoon. We were at Re5idence De5@ L@g00n Re5ort. It IS a very nice place. We were here, courtesy from this friend of mine who managed to enable us to be at this paradise in PD.

Nottt bad at all. The landscaping is beautiful and it is a low density chalet. I think they have only about 40 chalets, oh well u you can google about it. Here's the place...

The room is elegant, nice and unique. I Love the place so much, especially when there was not many people around and it has internet access heheh...can't live without it. It was worth it! for a short and sweet getaway.

Thank you 'makcik' ;-) very very much
till then...


July 27, 2009



Exactly 7 months , I have stopped blogging. Do I owe fellow blogger an explanation? Whatever the answer is...well I felt that I do...

Gugugagagugugu...I don't know where to start and how to write..feeling like a baby again in this blogging world.

Ok, first and foremost.. I must blame it to the excessive usage of the Face book which got me super hooked! I dono what!... the online games, the 'discovery' of some old friends and new friends, photos, cetera. It has became a routine to check out whats happening to my friends every day..nope..not everyday..every minute to be exact. Especially if there is any breaking news around. Giler! but fun ;-)

..and what else happened to also a bit tight up to work, doing two three things at once, managing the house and kids, the insurance business, the script translations, dealing with emotional issues anddddd my social activities. Also, mua undergoing some mind blowing 'transformation' - again... which sometimes pull me down to the center of the earth.

..and TIME FLIES!!!..oh dear God... I hafta catchup a lot of stuffs, things that I have yet to attend. Kids have grown - the love of my life is making me happy plus crazy. Of course the increase in spending, on them and all other matters, are driving me nuts too.

..and we have moved to a new place, not so far from the previous one. Got a landed property,1 and a half storey, better environment for the kids, most important of all, nearer to the school. Phew! no more driving up and down the hill anymore. And finally I installed Astro..heheh..big deal ya, never had one, it is some sort of a success for me to break my principle of not wanting to have it..evah!. I was right! I only watch CSI! the rest was just a 'glance'...ah...ok ok ok..I give HOUSE and THS a credit laaa, as twas strongly being 'promoted' to me. Oh well, I must admit the learning channel is good for the kids, that is because I did not put the cartoon channel in the matter how they beg.

What else... my thought...

Politics?..ekkk... absurd

Things that build for disaster?..haha..need I say more..Maybe the 'SAFETY FIRST' sign should be paste to every single thing, to remind some people!

Land - at my area...clap clap clap to the contractors, they are still makin' moni moni moni, more landslides and caved-in roads to come :-(

Football - yay! at least MU lost to Liverpool once and was glad that the Malaysian Team proved something somewhere although I believe most of the Malaysian spectators were sort of against the Malaysian team.

Movies - Sci-fi has always been my favorite. Star Trek and Transformers blew my mind. and oh..Ice age too...;-) and I'd like anyone to give me the Skyline or the new Lancer for my birthday gift, Fast and Furious had made an impact on me..not the story but the cars.

Economy - not bad, we can still survive. It is something that is interesting to talk about when there's profit and more profit and more profit.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - they are my soul. We care for each other deeply. We make sure that we meet and call every now and then. We share our problems, thoughts, laughter, great moments..but not our husband or boyfriend heheheh.

..okay gwa sudah kekeringan idea...

must write this...

I am deeply saddened my the sudden demise of the King Of Pop, Mr MJ. A guy who created magic in the music world, a guy who had a strong courage to do whats best, no matter how odd he was, he is still the most outrageous human on earth. I woke up that morning, super shocked..yelling WTF! and the next few days until the memorial service, I kept clinging to my phone listening to his songs. His older songs that is, the newer ones are more of a rage and complicated tunes. Nevertheless, MJ-REST IN PEACE.

...shocking news again! our renowned most talented film director Yasmin Ahmad. at 51 too like MJ, she has to go. I shook my head again. I need more of the stories from the storyteller, I need more of her films. I wonder if there is going to be anymore of Malaysian films, instead of Malay films. Is there? Is there anyone else here are brave enough to do that. She gained world recognition because of that. I know some people who extremely disagree with her work, but please don't just disagree, do better than her! your own unique and most creative ways. will be dearly miss by all. Al Fatihah.

They both Gone Too Soon. Allah knows best.

Now that raps out my first entry after 7 months. Please please don't give up on me yet ;-P.

Status update: ( nak jugak letak status update tuh)

Time flies. Life is short. Do whatever you want to do. Achieve whatever you want to achieve. The things that you feel is right. Smile and cry. Kind and calm. Like there is no this world.




December 28, 2008

The award for the best year of my so-far-life...

..And the winner is..the year 2008!

This year taught me to live life to the fullest, to assist people who are in need, to abide, adapt and respect towards the peeps around me, to always try and do somethin' new, dont try dont know kan..

Arghhh..those statement are too 'lame'..

lets put it this way..

The year was full of surprises!!! too good to be true! or was imaginations ehehhe. A wonderful feelings now, indulging in reminiscenes, setting adrift in memory bliss..

Nevertheless.. i am blessed.Things happen for a reason, always holding on to that line.

Thanks to myself ;-), to my beloved family and to my beloved very very close friends . And i have made a few new friends and rekindled with a lot of old acquaintances - not as in age ( due to the ever-the-happening FACINGBOOKING and the the www )

I hope and pray the 09, will be a better year.. a year with more love, more smile and good health.

No..that is not my new year resolutions..never had one.

HAPPY 1430/1431

HAPPY 2009

hmmm..feels like changing mundane template for the new year...


December 16, 2008

Mundaneo is back...!

dust dust duster duster....

fuuhhh fuhh...too much dust in here ;-)

..dear mundaneons, mundaneo had a looooong break from the blogging world..the longest..i ever had..busy?..not really..heeeheee

..nothin' special....beside 'works'..a handful of social activities took place since my last entry... celebrations, entertainments, trips.... will be visitin' u guys soon!

When the school breaks begins... we went to the legendary island...twas a company trip. Never been in a 'bas persiaran' before with a 9 hours journey...not thing not-good..twas super duper freezing...!! and we were not prepared for it!
Upon arriving at the island around 1100hrs, there was anotha two buses waiting for 65 of us, with 2 tourist guides..had meals..straight away they 'guided' us to tourists spot places..where ive already been before..but what the heck..twas fun. Checked in Ase@nia..3 days two nites..tiring, as we have to follow the schedules, nevertheless my cuz, bil and a fren managed to get our own kinda 'entertainment' on the last nite.. ;-)... When we got back home.. gua terus demam..duh..

Around a week after that.. twas my birthday..since my other half postponed the sorta family celebration.. i decided to go to PD with a very good friend of mine..thanks for the company dear ;-).. spotted a gorgeous twin rainbow on the way back..lovely..

Then, cuzs and frens, belanja me dinner at a steamboat restaurant..thanks peeps!... Appreciate it..thanks for the gift ;-)

During the weekend..other half, with the kids, cuz and a friend.. brought us to Gr@ndMilennium hotel, where my BIL works..for a very nice buffet, surprised me with the singing and the cake. Thanks darlin'.. i ate a lot of mexican food..since i have not been having it for quite sometime..fabulous buffet there. and Aimee..thanks for the walnut brownies cake..fantastic!

...and days and weeks after that..a series of hangout activities with friends. Karaokes and dinner with mr and mrs john and liverpool babe and rina. Supporting some friends who entered a band competition.. i actually bought an album from a local rock band ( who won the competition last year ) - and their name is Aisun@m vs the Feder@ted...;-) if you enjoy metal..this band has super talent..with their never heard about it eehehee...

During Aidiladha.... the weather was so gloomy..and definitely a good day to sleep ;-).. we dont really celebrate..altho we had a couple of invitations from friends. We had lunch at C0zyC0rner Ge M@ll..settled a few things and went back home and sleep ;-).Recently, theres this new JJ at Seti@wangsa.. we went there to check it out..very interesting place. Had a restaurant ..besides IZzi..not recommended...expensive and not so tasty..
Two days after, twas Ayska and my Mom's bday..had a simple dinner at J0hnnys.

..and check it out! and a fren was lookin' for a place to have dinner at kg baru..we found a place ( according to my instinct hehe ) it is called Nangkam Restaurant located by the roadside at Jalan Raja Uda...highly recommended bebs and bros..Service and food are excellente!..superb view of klcc..which we could only see half of it..covered by the fog..

..And as for the landslide in BA... i felt sorry for the victims, a few friends and family had to go through a lot of hassles. Tragedy recurrance... ish malas nak cakaplah..this developer and local authorities... i hope this time is for REAL laaaa...the no-more-development on hillsides..
Went to checkout the sites..later that evening..

and for the picca offence. I am stayin very near to this place, even my place i dont consider safe 100%...and this property advert caught my eye.. at the junction towards BA.." Udara 50% lebih nyaman" ( air 50% fresher ).. yeah right..and soil 50% softer..closer to God..

It is not easy for a lot of people there to move out, its a major decision..

oh well.. i hope and pray..

activities for me..non stop..POOL!

.....and ayska grew a 'tree' her sorta school holiday project


November 06, 2008

Another poem....???

Yeah...a very mushy one..;-)..different is i did not create this one..found it in the www..

gave me another chance
opened up my heart and taught me how 2 love again
fill me up with the warmth of your love
make me smile & humming with no apparent reason

was lost in my own world
thought that my life would never change
suddenly you came and showed me the door 2 your heart
this cold heart of mine have melted with your presence

we never promise ourselves forever
I can lose you today, tomorrow or whenever
but for now... I'll give you all the love & affection I have in me
whatever I have... it's yours for eternally



October 26, 2008


I was missing again from the www. Occupied with certain gray stuffs.

Can i write a spontaneous poem or not...

..noo lah..later lah

what am i suppose to write here..since me sooo lazy to download some piccas just yet

errr...hehe..maybe i should write a poem..


My good friends
No matter whatever
You fill me, always
till hell freezes over
significantly beaming my face

My good buddy
Will cherish the thought
Caring like a 'rhapsody'
forgetting you i am not
even though i am moody ;-)

My good love
love is all around us
flying happily like zealous doves
Affectionately cursed
by the fascinating plan from the above

My good me
i am zest now holding tight to the key now at my best
whatever will be will be long as i am happy...

...singin' give good love


October 14, 2008

This used to be my a supposed city..

..When i was in Ipoh to attend a course, i wrote about the inconveniences of getting the roadside parking ticket. So the second time i was there about 5 days before raya, I made an effort to look for the parking tickets ( just for the fun of it, since i cant eat during lunch break ). After enquiring, the shop that sells the parking ticket its just behind the place that i attended the course in. .and it looks like this lah..oooo...the 'scratch-win-thingy' kinda ticket..where we had it like about 10 years ago in PJ.... Its 60 sens per ticks, but you hafta buy it in a booklet.. so, i had 'fun' scratching it without winning anything ;-pThis time i went alone to Ipoh, had to do 140-150kmh to and from Ipoh witha musicplayer's fullblast volume..if not i will be dead bored and sleepy. The course i attended were a two days course. After the first day, i decided to drive around. First, I went to my late grandmother's place, where, when i was small i will be there every school holidays to accompany her, i was her favourite granddaughter lah ( hehe..i think )..she got 45 grandchildren...i am the daughter of her youngest only daughter of 9 siblings..the one and only. The house is now rented by dono who, and it is sad to see that the house is not well maintained, it looked soo much better than this. There is suppose to be two very bushy rambutan trees there ( used to climb the tree to pluck ), now sudah togel..sigh.. Then i went on taking picts of the lane i used to walk to go to the nearest sundry shop... I think, in one day i went two or three times...beli kunyit la, beli asam jawa la, beli cabai la..etc the things that she has just realized that it was out-of-stock just before she starts cooking. One thing good, she gives extra sens for me to buy sweets or icecreams. Evening, she will sometimes asked me to buy the nicest most delicious gebu'es putu piring and putu mayam. Miss, Opah, she passed away at the age of 83 or 85 (dono for sure, as her bc doesnt indicate the real date), 10 years ago.

Then after that, i went to the shopping complex where i used to go with my cousins to buy real cheap cheap cassettes..Kompleks YikF00ng. The music shop is no more there, and so is SuperKinta..Nin! the superkinta is no more there!...baru tau daa..(one of the pic caption ; theres somethin funny about the motorbike..i had to take pict of it hehe)

And at 1800hrs, Ipoh is MegaJAMMM!! goodness..i think..this town or 'city' is too small for the 'expanding' amount of local motorists. Then i decided to stop over at the IpohParade, dowanna drag myself in the jam. While waiting for breaking fast time, i window-shopped. Finally, i found a music shop that still sells old old cassettes!..i bought 6 of the most 'nostalgic' ones ;-p at rm20..hehe..still have the player. Got myself buy-one-free-one lipstics at rm16 at W@tsons. Buy some stuffs for the kids. Altho most things here are at a very reasonable price but I think the clothes in KL is much cheaper than in Ipoh, and of course i didnt buy any. Stop over at SushiKing to eat..alone..ate very fast hehe..Back to my room...wanted to sleep..but syokla plak layan TheGreenMile movie..altho i've watched it before, while 'munching' non-stop till i dozed off..

Ipoh is still my hometown, altho very very seldom now i am there..


October 05, 2008

End of Ramadhan, Early Syawal

Raya is raya laa... For me, the antenna of spring-cleaning the house suddenly emerge..that makes the few days before raya a bit is mind over matter actually hehehe. It started when, my other half wanted to go to Jln TAR on the Sunday nite ( this is the first time in my life ) at 2 am..along with Mr n Mrs John and Liverpool babe. Quite interesting, stuffs are cheap cheap one, but i was already very exhausted after an hour strolling between the stalls. End up, i slept at 0500hrs.

The Monday, very the morning, i had to go to the HQ to complete few pending work stuffs before the holiday. Then to Gi@nt to buy the things for my cake, then pickup my beloved cousin car from the workshop. By the time i got back home , gua sudah mau pengsan.

I did 'pengsan' after breakfast, and slept alll the way till 0500Hrs, the day before raya..and start to bake the cakes. With the help of Ayska, we succesfully baked 2 carrot cakes and 1 choc cake, finished around 1100 hrs. Still sleepy, had to do some banking, get my hair done and do last minute shopping ...exhausting... ( i highlighted my hair okayyy..first time..gua sendiri culture shock )..
.too many first-time-thingy lah this year..

On the eve, apa lagi...start to clean up the house...sambil main game and listen to quite-a-loud keep me awake. Thank goodness, my other half gave me a helping hand. by 0500am m

A few hours after that ( the Raya day ), went to my parents place then pushed off to Penang. Anotha 'work' there. Second cooking cooking..Trying my very best to reply all text messages that started pouring in since Monday..almost 50!..Third raya my BIL engagement ceremony at Bot@ kanan..after that..KL here we come!!!

Yesterday...blurrrr...sleepy sleepy...had brunch with beloved cuz and her father and Mr n Mrs
John..then back home sleep again..
Today..dah mulaaa houses..brrrrr...S L E E P Y!..the last seven days went off just like that... thing good..we did not get stuck in a jam..


September 27, 2008

Killin time..

ive been attending courses courses courses...dhang! is not that i really wanna attend..but hafta abide to THE rules and regulations of the industry that i am in...

So, i was bored....took the handsome trainer picca...hahahah

Then during break time..cannot eat...jalan jalan...decided to talk to some animals. Went to the petshop..talked to the mega expensive animals they are selling there...well, since i cant afford to buy or even take care of them... Had conversation with the cute puppy ( which didnt feel like talking to me ), the little bunny ( same, ignored me), the 'g@rfield' ( typical - told me he is bored and he wants to sleep till the next meal time [this one..seriously remind me of someone heheheeee] ), and hey the fishes do talk to me...'dory' and 'nemo dan rakan rakan'. The starfish..err..cant see their not talkin to them.

..then..dono what else to anotha 10 minutes before i checked back i went to the building sorta-the building kinda-verandah-roof..whatever ( not trying to jump off.. )...snap snap...sengih kat kakak yg tengah sapu sampah ;-B

..inilah kerje kalu boring..coba teka di mana?, i bagi duit raya rm2 ( for people who knows where i work..cannott answer hhehehe) - lawak2 yg tak berapa gaban d akhir bulan September. some more piccas of "when-m-bored-attending-courses" later...




September 22, 2008

Love is a many splendour thing...

The long awaited post...

As promised, some reviews on the mushy malay novel that i read for the last couple of months..

After Harajuku, next i decided to read on a true love story, Atas Nama Cinta written by Isa Kamari. I assumed many of us, especially the new generations have not heard about Natrah aka Nadra aka Maria Hertogh. The writer has 'illustrate' this mega love story between two mothers and a child name Natrah, in a very creative manner. It is totally based on facts, with a touch of beautiful emotions and touchy dialogues.

In short, Natrah is a dutch girl who lives with her grandmother and mother and her four siblings. during the Dutch occupations in Indonesia. During that time, where the locals were fighting to win back the country, her father was caught, left the mother who is not well and she has to take care of the kids herself. She then decided to giveaway Maria to Aminah. Aminah has no children of her own, so she was very pleased to take care of Maria, whom she named Natrah after that. After a while, Aminah brought Natrah to Malaya. Then her real parents started to look for her to claim her back. The trial took place in Singapore, and it had cause chaos amongst the locals and the 'matsallehs', due to religious issues. A very exhilarating real life story.. check it out in the wikiwiki here and you can even check it out in YouTube under Maria Hertogh. A history that we dont want it to happen again in the future... and yet we never learn.

Next is, Tunggu Teduh Dulu - Faizal Tehrani. This novel is about a very smart lady who wishes to become a very successful entrepreneur and a farmer. specifically papaya. In the process of building up the business, she has to also deals with mix feelings that she has between her two childhood friends who was in love with her and her family problems. It is very tough for her to satisfy everyone and at the same time manages her business. Upon reading this, i have actually gain massive knowledge of what kind of papaya, how it grows, what sort of fertilizer, the goodness of papaya et cetera...phew...made me eat papayas too ;-P. What impressed me is, the writer is a guy, and he actually managed to instill the 'jiwa' of a woman in the story.

Saga, written long ago by Abdul Talib Hassan way back in 1976. This novel was recommended to me by my other half. The writer at that point of time has impressed readers on his new way of writing, perfectly. I agreed. It is simple but elaborative in a very 'selamba' manner.It is a story of three good friends, two guys and one gal. It is again about the torn between two lovers thingy, difference is she is married to one of them. The trio went to a village to actually develop the place, and they have to face the 'village-political' challenges. Interesting. the writter, even produced Saga 2 and 3, which i have not managed to find, unless if i order thru the internet.

I wanted to read more, but reading all four love stories have made me feelin' 'stuffed'. So i have to postpone my intentions to read on A Samad Said's novels - which is 'heavier' and its not easy to get at the main bookstores. I don't plan to read the too-commercialized kinda novels. Have discussed my plot with the friend that asked me to write and to some others. Started...chapter one...


September 17, 2008

Life..precious life 2...

Last two days, i called up my friend, the one who is having acute leukemia (the earlier entry about her here.) I will always make a point to call her like, once in every one or two months the very least. Her condition has not improve.

Early July she told me she went to Indonesia, advised by her relatives who is staying there, seeking for alternative medicine. She even called me from Indonesia and told me about the situation she had to go thru. It wasnt as easy as she thought, as she had to wait in a long queue and took them days to prescribe the medicines. Nevertheless, she was happy she could go somewhere, rather than sitting at home feeling bored. When she came back home, she was offered a job by her previous employer. She was very happy, being able to do part time lecturing at the college and being able to earn extra income for herself and family despite her being sick. She is very fortunate, as her present boss is very kind and very understanding. He allows her to perform her job at her own pace as at times she has to spent a few days in the hospital for the bone marrow checkup and all sorts of check up. She explained to me how is the process of poking the needle almost as big as d thumb, at her back and recently at her backside...very painful.

Recently, her boss brought her along with other staffs to Bali. "It is a very beautiful place," she said, and i told her.."owh..i so envy you, havent been there". Cracked a few jokes. ( justa turn the conversation to something more cheerful ) She laughed. Glad to hear her laugh. She told me her boss will arrange for her to go to India to seek treatment from the specialists there and also to bring her and family to London, for a holiday. Isnt that very very very nice of him? This boss was actually under her supervision when he first joined the company and she treated him well, and this favor he said, is in return to appreciate her contribution for him to climb up the ladder successfully.

I told her, oh wow, things happen for a reason... This is so good to hear. I am very delighted the amount of appreciation that her boss are willing to give, priceless!..regardless of skin colour. As for me, the least i could do is being a true friend. i dont have much, in a sense of monetary or material, to give her. I appreciate her for giving me the thought about life, kept reminding me to do the right thing.She, over and over again stress the point on how she appreciate me, for listening to her. Not that i demand for that, but i believe to appreciate oneself, we need to appreciate others, in whatever condition we are, just show it..we wont lose anything. In fact, i believe we gain more! But of course for some people or even mua have this big chunk of ego to fight with ;-p...tired of being the first to start as mua life is back like the way it was .. anotha ;-p..ish no fun! offtrack...

Anyways...Her baby, is now very healthy and cheerful...a brilliant baby boy....She manage to fast, as she said she dont eat a lot. At present...the doc suggested to her to increase the dose of the med from 400 to 800..double....not good..

Oh God..please keep her strong...

*1. great chat dank! *wink*

*2. forgiven but not forgotten..hehe..perasan plus vain