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September 14, 2009

Babbling before raya...

It's goin' to be 6 days more to celebrate 1 Syawal. And how time flies. Believe it or not, I haven't prepared anything yet. Usually, for the 'baju raya', we will buy a few days before raya. Of course I am aware of the lack of choice there, but what the heck, the less choice the better so that I won't be dragging my feet and get super exhausted when there's too many choices to choose from plusss joining millions of people shopping. I hate crowds like that. I prefer to shop without too many people around. It is more peaceful. When raya is approaching, it seems like everybody has gone mad or somethin'. Jam here, jam there. I kept askin' myself whether I should buy myself any baju raya. As there are soooo many baju k in my closet, which I rarely wear. Now for the theme colour of the year thingy. I don't remember me and my parents ever had those kinda thing. Nowadays, my kid lah, Ayska, she would always want to choose the colour theme every year. And I sorta 'agree' with it provided it would be according to conveniences and the budget ;-P. And she is still haven't and white or red and white...

I don't have any plans to decorate the house. Since, I just moved in about 3 months ago, some things are still clean and new ;-) Although, I do want to buy a new sofa...dono what the heck for..hehehe

And this year, I seriously don't have the mood to pre-order any kuih raya. That too, I have decided to just buy last minute, somewhere...maybe settled for some famous @mos and some kerepeks. I think people likes to have those than the kuih raya. Okay, I must admit, my mother is baking about 2 or 3 cookies, I will import from her place to mine lah ma. But in return, I hafta bake cakes lah and one main dish. I prefer baking cakes than cookies. It is simple...just mix, stir, pour and bake. But I do long for homemade traditional cookies which is very hard to find here.

Since we will be celebrating raya in KL this year, so everything is going to be simple. Mayyybeee, a little bit special for the kids, as Amar 5 and Ayska 9 has been diligently fasting. Amar missed two days so far, one because he did not sahur and another one was because he had a little bit of temperature. And the whole Ramadhan this year was a bit challenging for me, that is merely because both of my kids are fasting and for the first time in my life, I have not miss sahur. The challenges are... One thing for sure, I don't sleep early..I can't actually: unless I am mega tired and I prefer to do my script work at night. So, I have to stay up till sahur time, which is usually around 0500hrs and I get the food ready from 0430hrs. And what time do I sleep? 0700hrs... sleep-time has become haywired. You see, if I sleep, which is going to be like at 0300hrs, the waking up for sahur would be very very very unlikely hehe. Not complaining, just want to make sure, the kids can fast and they do eat a lot during sahur - pretty surprising there. Another challenge is, waking up Amar...phew...I had to carry him...wash his face and his him on the chair. Then I hafta to stare and persuade him (seriously testing my patient) to eat, as he will stare at the food for at least 20 minutes before he starts to touch it. And after I finish my food, I had to stare and persuade him again and wait for him to finish his food.

I hate going to Pasar Ramadhan, one because it is so so so pricey, two because it is not as tasty even though its pricey, three - again..the crowd. Okay, I did go lah, only when there are not so many people there yet (around 1600hrs), when I am seriously tired and I don't have time to cook and to get some dessert or kuih. I think I went like, 4 times and the rest of the days, I prefer cooking, although simple food but satisfaction guaranteed. I did go breaking fast with friends, outside and it's fun once in a while.

So there, the story of my Ramadhan, which will come to an end soon. I must say this time around is much more fulfilling and joyful. And the next thing you know comes another Ramadhan again...time flies time flies time flies.

so...sekarang ... saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari, meminta maaf zahir dan batin jika ada tersalah dan tersilap dan masih lagi dok salah dan silap sampai tak tau bila pastu lepas raya buat lagi salah dan silap dan saya akan minta maaf the next raya and so on and so forth.

Saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, moga aidilfitri anda dan keluarga di sambut dengan meriah dan aman serta sihat walafiat. Makan rendang dan kuih macam biasa, jangan over. Moga tiada lagi yang pergi disebabkan pandemic H1N1. Dan bawalah kenderaan anda dengan berhati-hati and relax. Selamat pergi dan selamat balik. Dannn tolooongglah jangan main mercun! okay!

Thats all folks! See ya next time!
Keep Smiling Keep Shining

Roger and out



Blogger Amy said...

Selamat Hari raya kak nomee *hugs*

Thu Sep 17, 09:33:00 am GMT+8  

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