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July 06, 2006

Hurray No 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

No. 2 - My other half have finally got a new steady job in an establish company since 5 years ago... we were struggling with mega financial instability. He was doing business and repeatedly got conned. got a job but in small companies that have all the reasons in the world of not paying salary. And of course due to that we created a huge debt while i am the one whose taking care of the kids full time support us as best as i can as i have a small income from my business. God is trying to mellowed us down i suppose and somehow or rather we survived and we have become a stronger person and can start paying all the debts and bills monthly with a clear mind. Hurray! and now hope that there will no problem working there.
No 3 - My friend just delivered her second baby after almost 9 days overdue and it was normal very happy for her. Her first one is July 2004..that is after her 7 years of marriage.. as a mother i am sooo happy for her...altho you know...taking care of kids...err till now until she/he starts school..we will be complaning all the way...hehe..Hurray!! ;-)
No 4 - We the Stmarians KL F5 1989 manage to group back together via by one addresses came in and i am soo glad.. just before it was only us Malays..but then all the other races came in.. Muhibah and we plan to meet up in a very near future which maybe by end of this year lepas Raya. and our head organiser and us were discussing on having a MEGA birthday party the year when all of us turn 40!! and a weekend family getaway!! Hurray!
No 5 - I also manage to group up back my 'sisters in crime' back in my college days..and my friends are some from sabah and 1 from Sarawak... we emailed each other very frequently now.. and I m very happy about it..i now can gain back my Sabahans accent again...When I was in college people thot i was one of the 'orang asli' Sabah hahaha Hurray!
No 6 - ITALY and FRANCE in the final yeaaaaa!!! Go France go! Go my darling Zidane Go!!
My predictions towards the end of the tournament is true... should've bet..Hurray!!



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