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September 24, 2006


Today is the first day of Ramadhan, now my eldest girl is almost 6 years old, and she talks and she thinks and talks and asked 1 million questions - so explaining about this special month of Ramadhan is quite 'difficult' for me - as m not that religious - fundamentally m okay. So have to explain in their 'language' what they should and should not do during Ramadhan..

So I told her yesterday
" As a muslim you have to fast"
" What is fasting mummy?"
" Fasting is whereby you cant eat and drink and fight with your brother for 30 days"
" 30 daysssss wahhh so long " - and then she went and explained to her brother (2 years old) who's smiling cheekily repeating what she says that " we cannot fight for 30 days " and the brother - dont know what she's talking about, run around the couch screaming the word

" Puasa Puasa "
..and i asked him to stop running around and grabbed him and asked " Amar nak puasa tak " ( Do you want to fast? )
He struggled to let go and say " Taknak!" (don't want) and managed to free himself and ran around again..
then i turned to Ayska " Camne..boleh puasa tak esok? "( Can you fast tomorrow ?)
" Hmm.. if I dont fast then how? "
" Well, If u dont fast then you cannot Raya "
" Alaaahh...oklah " - and she sit down watching tv quietly, and i know she's thinking how to go about it and to ask more questions.
Then I discussed with my other half over the phone on how to make her fast and I gave the receiver to ayska and they talked about it.
" What did Abah says?"
" Abah says he will give rm1 per day per puasa "
"Hmm ok...we start fasting tomorrow ok"
"OK!!", cheerily

The next morning (today) , m still sleeping, she woke me up
" Mummy can i take a sip of water? "
Very sleepy "Huh..hmm..why? "
" I'm thirsty.."
Pity her and thinking that she didnt sahur last fault!!..
" Oklah..sikit je tau " ( only a bit)
" Ok..after that I continue my fast "
.. I was blinking..

So before i prepare breakfast for the two small ones, I reminded her - that the breakfast is only for them..she said " OK! "
then when the small ones happily eating, she came to me slowly and said
" Can I have a bit? "
I said " No! we are fasting, remember? "
" Yeah but i took one piece of bread this morning " ( at least she tells the truth ) - and I was
" Laaaaa - You didnt fast today - how to raya? "
" Ok ok tomorrow I fast "
..I smiled...

hmm...any more tips to teach them to fast?



Blogger Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

I tried RM1 per day with both my children. They even got them from their grandparents. So, double reward. Last year, Arif,was 6, he just missed 1 day,my fault,he was too hungry for not taking shahur, but insisted to continue fasting because of the RM1 thing. I had to force him to buka since I pity him. Afiqah,my 9 year old doesn't need the reward anymore. She has been fasting for 4 years now.

Tue Oct 03, 09:20:00 am GMT+8  

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