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December 02, 2006

shopping 'daymare'

Today i planned to go to Giant to do some groceries/household shopping - as per normal i brought my 3 kids along ( although I wish I could go alone ) - but it is still fun to bring them - Started by bringing them to a very late lunch at the foodcourt - ordered mee soup for them and chicken rice for me - Mee soup turn out to be spicy - my fault didnt remind the cook to make it not spicy - so I took out the mee out from the bowl of soup and let them eat the mee... I was still standing while doing this.. as i am carrying my 1 year 4 mths old baby in a baby carrier attached infront of me - so it is easier to manage - after making sure they had enuf mee in their bowl - I sat down to have my rice, while feeding the baby with some of the bro n sister's mee..after i had about 4 - 5 spoons of rice...

Ayska dont want to eat the mee anymore - why? - "pedas.." ( spicy ) and
i said " ok ok..have my rice " - i ate the mee..and then after 1 minute Amar didnt want the mee anymore... "pedas"...
" ok...share the rice with your sister "..they ate the rice ..after 2minutes they didnt want the rice - by this time my baby didnt want me to sit anymore - she was 'struggling' wanted me to not to make her sit on my lap too long esp after she stop without finishing my mee .. I stood up... and Amar ..wants to finish the mee...... :-!.. so waited for them to stop eating...

Then after that we went to the first floor - roamed around - then we went to Second floor - wanted to buy baby's clothes - saw a dress i just bought for her 2 days ago in Royale (rm19.90 ) - in Giant - rm14.90 -ughhhhh , should've should've should've ,spin
than decided to buy her a nice pants and cute little gown for only rm14.90..but while looking for baby's clothes ...
Ayska, " Mummy... I want to poo"..
I'd like, "WHAT!!...fuhh...can hold on..." and
she said, " cann... if i hold on - it'll go in.."..
"...ok ...ok....nono..cannot that way .. wheres amar.....(lookin around) AMAR!!!!"

"Yes mummy!!! ( running towards me - from the toy section) ".
I said, " Quick lets go to the toilet, your sister needs to poo"
..and he said, " I want to poo also! " ( he's almost three and he is not wearing diapers anymore, since he's 2 yrs old)...
again i'd like "WHAT!!!!...i'm not goin to bring you guys shopping anymore"
and at that point of time there was 3 -4 people around me listening to us - smiling away.....

" ok...hold on - I pay for this first ...hold on..."...and at that moment i felt like the cashier was as slowwwwwww as ever...mind over matter lah ni...and the toilet is about 100 metres away at the ground floor near the food court!..after paying we went down the escalator to the first floor...and I realised the baby other shoe was missing ..........!!!!

Aghhhhhhhhhhhh... Drag them to 2nd floor again - Thank God found it was under the baby clothes down again...
Amar was like, "Mana toilet nih...mana toilet nih !" ( Wheres the toilet wheres the toilet") [ he was wondering why r we goin up and down to go to the toilet ]
...the baby was gigling away of the rushing and said, "" all the way..and
Ayska, " Amar...hold on ya...don't 'go' yet ok"..
"ok ok.." Amar replied " Wheres the toilet Wheres the toilet..."

I'm like tense... got to the toilet...Ayska went her own... I helped Amar to sit on the toilet bowl... ( see m still having my baby 'on me' )...
" Ok..poo"...
Amar, " I pee only mummy ..."..
"Huh???...hhaiii..ok ok.."..and then
Ayska was screaming from the other toilet "Mummy, I also pee only..."


I was like dono whether to feel relief or not... went out from the toilet went to the first floor to buy some household things..praying - they wont feel any urge anymore again... then we bought groceries at the ground floor.....

No more urge... we were back home ... "safe and sound..."

...this is actually very normal scenario for me.... but still...cool3 them so much....



Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

excellent storytelling beb, I was hanging on to every word, could picture what was going on... kah kah kah,,, glad there were no "accidents"!!

Sat Dec 02, 09:28:00 am GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said... the hubby faces this almost everyday. Being a SOHO advocate, with a wife who's active in politics, I have no choice but to take my kids out sometimes (I have 6).

The elder kids...when you eat out..will always order "Apa-apa aje la which you can never find on the menu. After a while the waiter/waitress gets agitated. The younger ones cannot sit still after 5 minutes.


Sat Dec 02, 04:14:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

azlynne - I was actually giggling also writing it!!..and Yaaahh i was glad toooo... One of d reason of y m soooo thin beb...

jfs - 6!!! WO! i surrender!

Sat Dec 02, 08:04:00 pm GMT+8  

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