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August 31, 2006

The house that eats...

Yesterday , well actually the day before yesterday ( as now is 3 am ) We brought the kids to KLCC and had a late lunch and after that went to watch MONSTER HOUSE. It is a cool movie although it is not so scary for us adults - but for the kids they get really scared when the house starts to eat things and people.

Ayska 6 " Mummy mummy, hold my hands, why is it so cold in here" ( means I'm scaredddd), and closing her face with her hands and parted fingers

Amar 2 - "tatut tatut" ( scared )- while munching the popcorn non stop - he cant lean back as the chair will fold him in and he is small enough to fit into the empty space under the rear support of the chair and he cant lean back into the chair coz his legs is too short, if he lean back, he cant dangle his legs, if he dangle his legs, he cant reach the chair rear support. so he just sit there dangling his legs while chanting amar-atut, abah-atut ( dad - i'm scared ), amar- atut, atut la....ishk atut..atak atut ( sister (kakak) I'm scared) then silent while not knowing how to avoid watching the screen, then "abah, amar nak inum ( dad, amar wants to drink ), sruuuup, nah, abah, amar-atut. ( he cant say the word with 'k' yet ) i think its the most tense moment for him during this whole trip watching the movie

Lysha 1 - was sucking the milk bottle for the first half of the show, and staring with her mouth open ( watching ) the quarter of the show, and the last quarter of the show she was trying to pull off her shoes and socks which she managed ( the left leg, well, she got bored - even though that time is when the whole adventure has almost reach the climax) and succesfully made me bend every now and then to look for the socks and shoes in the dark, the right leg - i manage to 'trap' it between my thighs ( initially as it is actually cold in there ), and the last 10 mins ...she sleeps and she always been a darling - didnt make any' sound' at all.

The Movie is just so-so, but the Animation is SUPERB - very the 4D. Storyline - oklah, Acting - nice and cute. All and all it is entertaining -Bottomline - the kids had fun - once in a while...



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