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July 16, 2007

Why do i like 'my' house?

Gimme three good million i want to buy this house!

The journey to Cameron Highland was pleasant..the last time i was there was about 7 years ago..Drove to Tapah normal route to Cameron..the new route is in Simpang Pulai - although straigter way up but not practical for people from south. .. only for those who are from north or ppl whom very likely to vomit due to winding road. My Cuz, as expected, drove very 'professionally' - impressed, as she could overtake 15 cars behind a slow bus in about 15 minutes on a winding road up.. and took us about a bit over 1 hour to reach Tanah Rata. Once reached...hungryyy...look for rice..didnt had proper breakfast or lunch before going. Then after that bought all the jajans and the cintans. Weather was not so cold - a bit rainy - and we were like..oohh Cameron is not so cold anymore...

Then we went and meet Azah and hubby at the Hillsbrow Bungalow owned by MNI only 5 mins from tanah rata...the rain started to get heavy...Took of our shoe.....and yikes!..the floor is freezing..entering the house is like entering a refrigerator.... and the house ...oh..goodness me...sooooo cozy...soooo nice... so very the english... As and when we entered the house - we were around the house taking pictures without even resting... wishing we own the house...and it has a very nice huge garden and tennis court - all and all i think its about 1 acre... The children straight away changed the astro channel to 63. I then call my other half 'announcing' "Hey u shouldve been here lah - instead of working" but then again this is such a short notice of a one night vacation. Azah only paid rm40 a nite for the house - staff price. She booked and we're suppose to b there with some other freinds - but everybody cancelled..end up only us.

The storey bungalow - nice english architecture...with 3 large rooms, each room has one double bed and one single bed...2 large modern very humble kitchen with hall nicely carpeted with a cozy black sofas and a tv. Dining hall with one long wooden brown table and a cupboard full of utensils, glasses, cups, plates..complete...all you hafta do is just bring the food and drinks and an electric cooker. Antique design furnitures. Fireplace - closed, cannot use. Not so luxurious..just nice for me. only lacking - one pool table and a library if it is my house heheeeThen Azah n hubby went out for dinner..twas raining and we didnt go to the night market..but hey the house is so interesting that we dont wanna get out of it. Then we managed to get the house a bit closing all the windows ( soo many windows ) and doors and turned on the heater - but only a biiiit warmer - i took the blanket from the room and wraped myself while watching tv at the living halls. We stayed up watching tv , chit chating , makan cintan, my cuz with her sudokus...3am tip toed to the room..freezing.... then dozed off.

Next day 0845 hrs..woke up... kids also woke up early. I showered for 30 minutes with the warm water - feel so good..but then after fingers still turned blue. Kids also looks blue..hehe..shivering..quickly dressed them up and wear socks. Then I planned to take some picts at the garden..but comes the rain again ( eurythmics ) - MEGA COLD - with the wind and the kabus all around the house. We had a good breakfast - Azah boiled some corns - which is called Jagung the colour is yellow and cute so sweet..never seen it in KL. Then Azah had to go back to KL at 1100 hours feelin unsatisfied ( she wish can stay longer - but hubby got meetings ) we stayed and waited for the rain to stop - but it we took the umbrella - went outside and took the garden picts .By noon we checked out, living the keys to the handsome caretaker and as plan we went to buy some souveniers and veges and flowers..all very cheap cheap one. A must buy for me is strawberries and sweet potatoes. We didnt go and visit any centres/park or farms/valley which we normally do when we go to cameron..( i think ive been there for 4 times since small) ..twas drizzling..leceh with the kids to go here n there..We stopped at the cameronian valley , had tea and expensive strawberry cheese slice rm6 ..apaaadiaaa..took pictures. OTW down of all....the PETAIIII bought it from the native...huuu...nice and fresh! eat with my sambal..pehhhh

Stopped over at Tapah RnR..lunch..nice nasi ayam...reached KL, stopover at my parents place - passed the veges she 'ordered'...then home sweet home ...but i still want to own that house!!!!!! aaaa......but cannot stay just 1 or 2 people.. nenenenenenenene ( twilight zone )



Anonymous Amy said...

Seronoknya baca sampaila part nenenene...isk akak nih..buat amy takut jek..takde ke bungalow kecik ssuai utk dua org? RM40 jek semalam? Can get for me the price ah? Beshnya, lama tak pegi sana..tak pernah plak pegi dgn en zul...sesuai utk berehat kan?

Wed Jul 18, 03:18:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

hehe..takde apalah tu..the house is 'clean' my kids sleep peacefully - only the quietness. Rasa2nya takde bungalow kecik for rm40, normal rates to rent a bungalow there about rm500-600 a far as i know. Theres a lot of apartments and hotels and homestays where u can checkout the price.and YES! it is a good getaway 2 hrs and a half journey frm KL....even for only one night..should be enuf provided u start early. and i bet u akan giler beli veges and flowers there...

Wed Jul 18, 12:24:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Haaa...sama la kite, memula eksyen, cameron nowadays tak sejuk cam dulu. Sekali hujan, baru tau!! Hehehe...

Bestnye that house, so homely.

After going thru the new route last month, I think i prefer the old route sbb better jungle view and cooler. Jalan baru is so lapang and open, tak redup! Besides, old route got natives jual2 tepi jalan like, you said it, petai!

Err...Azah MNI? Azah Dafilah ke?

Wed Jul 18, 01:17:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

where dya stay? for next time if cannot get the house again.. been to strawberry park - tapi mahals la situ.
Ok at least now i know how the new highway petai no road.heheh
..err..wrong azah..this one marry azman

Wed Jul 18, 02:20:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

what were you doing in my house? hehehe... just being perasan... looking forward to going uphill later this year, the new highway would enable us to be at the highlands in just four hours...

Wed Jul 18, 05:49:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Ummi said...

o my gawd~
wat a nice house!
lame dah x g cameron

Wed Jul 18, 07:38:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

MR1 - ohohoho how i wish is your house - bleh crash anytime ahahaha..Cameron is good for relaxation....worth goin

Ummi - yah nice hse - dunno when can stay there again. Pegi lah cameron - one nite should b enuff if u dont have time. 2 or 3 nites would b excellent

Wed Jul 18, 09:56:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Waah! the house really reminds me of England. My hubby studied in Staffordshire and his mum and I went for his graduation. Aiyo, the small town so like from scenes from Famous 5, Enid Blyton. My dream too, to own a house like this, but must also be able to afford to have a maid and a gardener so that you can just bake and have tea with friends everyday!! High maintanance lifestyle.

Mon Jul 23, 01:42:00 am GMT+8  

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