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June 12, 2007

Taj pon mahal

Last two weekends i went back to my hometown Ipoh to attend my cuz wedding. Went back with my parents , One month earlier my father decided to stay there for a night in a hotel. We have so many relatives there but since my grandma past away about 8 years ago we either stay in a hotel or a one day trip - now we rarely go back even during raya since then. Altho sort of 'kena marah' by my uncles for not stayin at their place, we have prepared the various excuses nak menjawabnya nanti. We prefer the freedom n not troubling anyone, esp with my kids around; i will be ' fidgeting' even when i sleep, afraid that they would touch anything 'vulnerable' in their house - so no peace of mind. better hotel.

So one month ago i was asked by my parents to call up Seri Malaysia Ipoh - I did - full house. Call up the main hotels that is within our budget - full also, even the haunted tambun inn also full. It was a school holiday weekend. so i googled up ipoh's: hotel - waaa so many - since when Ipoh got so many hotels i dunno - I printed out the list n the contact numbers - somehow Budget Hotel Ipoh-Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh Perak Malaysia- caught my eye. Straight away call them..and phew! many rooms still available - so i booked - I standard double and I family room . rm88 and rm130 respectively... a two star budget hotel. So i asked the guy

" How much is the deposit?"
"No need - can pay upon arrival"
"Yes yes.."

So...feeling very happy...told my mom... happy happy..n then she said maybe the hotel is so old nobody wants to stay there. and 5 days before the day. I was sleeping and received a call from a high and kalut tone of a strongly Perakian accent woman:

"Cik Neome ke ni"
"Saya Y dari Majestic Station Hotel , Cik Neome ada buat booking kan, Cik Neome boleh tak masukkan deposit sebab hotel kite dah penuh kalau cik neome tak masuk deposit saya tak bleh nak simpan booking cik neome" - non-stop-talkin-speed-tone
" camner saya dah book " still blur
"Itule deme ni, budak baghu tak tau cik neome cik neome masukle deposit nyer, ni saye ni tengah talipon semue oghang mintak deposit nih"
(My Mind just registered ) " Oh..oh deposit..ha..ha..ok...berapa nombor bank"
"Cepat ye cik neome...nanti cik neome fax pade kami dan jgn lupe bawak mase sampai nanti ye"
"ok.." blink blink blink -

hehehe...and so we arrived there at around 12 noon - pushed off around 9am ( a bit of jam - so many cars plus hey-look-accident-slow-down). Last time along the road by the majestic buiding there used to have so many food stalls and used items bazaars. - now no more - all 'cleaned' up. Drove near the entrance - an old indian guy hurriedly guide us to park..and of course we have to tip him....took our things...anxiously i wanted to 'meet' t antique elevator and be in it ( read about it ) Giggling away while entering it - hafta open the lift door manually that is by hand...woooo...then went we push a button jerked 'interestingly' to begin to move up to the third floor and it jerked again when it stopped - we were laughing away, my kids were ..err...blank...In the lift there is a poem pasted to handle the lift with care.
All dearest boys & girls,
I'm as antique as your grand grand-pa,
I move slow & react slow,
If u push/pull my door when u use me,
Then I will shock there & stop there.

And so we checked in...Goodness me ...i like this place so much ( i was wondering why da toot i was not here when I was frequently in Ipoh with my Opah - maybe becoz theres no need for a hotel lah kan tht point of time) It is so antique.... the smell of ancientness filled the air...the sun shines thru the large-faded-brown blinds covering the archs along the long balcony/verandah.. read the history here... and so when I entered our room, my kids has already jumped up n down on the beds - 2 single beds and one very 'flaccid' queen size bed.First things first (priority ) - bathroom - wah so biggggggg...colonial english style ...the room has no hafta open the door..and can relax on an antique chairs at the balcony. Interesting part is when we met the storytellerYasmin Ahmad and the crews and her parents and Amani, D. Rahim Razali, Ho Yuhang - they have 'shootings' there... so meeting them was kinda kewl. The room that we got is the nicer one ( I
think becoz we booked earlier ) as there are also rooms which is smaller n narrower one stairs below ours. but its nothing great about da room la...boleh laaa. Compared to da KL station , here is much more 'brighter'.

and then we change clothes - go to the wedding - very the hot weather..then back to hotel - relax - tido. at nite - had dinner at a new happening food place near rapat setia( well at least for us it is new ) - not bad...Then visit our uncles - 'kene marah' heheh.

Breakfast - not luxurious but not bad - chinese mee goreng, nasi goreng n bread butter jam. Lepak there until checked-out.

On the way back to KL was horrendous!!! so many cars...jam....very heavy rain...accidents everywhere...RnR crowd is like KLCC crowd - it took us more then 5 hrs to reach home...lucky we manage to get back before the mega-major-flood- to-create history in KL...hmmm nama pun Kuala Lumpur - hafta to change name la our city hehe..Kuala smart tunnel..hows that..

That nite..all of us...pengsannnn

All in all twas a beautiful trip lah... i will surely stay there the next time although it is haunted heheh nenenenenenenene ( lagu Twilight zone ) Believe it or not ( u can choose to ignore this statement ) - t h e E n g l i s h m e n a r e s t i l l t h e r e .....

and ..oh..btw...Amar just broke our TVVVVV , hes on top of the tv rack - jump jump jump..and bang! - the tv 'jumped' down to the floor.....waaaaaaaaaaaa... now my tv can watch but have 'rainbow' - any cheap plasma tv that i can 'paste' to the wall aaa...erkkkk..this is not cool...



Blogger N|i|N said...

Ya ya...I remember in my childhood days eating at the warungs near the ipoh station. I've been to the heritage hotel in KL railway (more than 10 years ago). My spooky but cost me only RM75 per night. Stayed there cause I missed my train and since it was already late and I planned to catch the early morning train, put up the night there. During the night there was a power failure, blacked out!!! Takut siot cause here I was in this ancient building, all alone in my room, gelap gulita and no phone!! Yes... no phone in my room. Back then I didn't have a handphone. You guessed it...kumat-kamit la mulut baca ayat suci hehehe!!

Sun Jun 17, 10:42:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

BLACKOUT!!....eeek...i hope u were not alone...macamana bleh blacout 0 ish heran..
btw - the 'nyahutt..kid' story - memang hillarious

Mon Jun 18, 07:44:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Munger said...

amar.. jatuhkkan tv? adeish noti cute amar ni..

Mon Jun 18, 09:37:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger SeaDemon said...

I love the Tambun Inn...I always sleep peacefully there. My friends always claim something would open their taps or light flicker etc.

Tue Jun 19, 07:54:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

munger flora- noti - mmg noti - ckp pon dah pandai very fluent and complete sentence

JFS - I also did slept in TI b4 - takdak pulak problem - until i read about it somewhere - but I agree that the hotel a bit on a dark side hehe

Tue Jun 19, 07:42:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Hi girl! You've been tagged. If you choose to do it, pls visit my blog and go to the posting titled "As Tagged by Shirin - for charity" and take it from there :-)


Fri Jun 29, 01:52:00 pm GMT+8  

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