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July 05, 2007


I dunno who is Autobots who is Decepticons..let alone The Optimus Prime and Megatron...but now i KNOW! ....they are not just the TNB one ( *wink* to John ) hehehe

Watching the movie on the first day, 28th Of June...the 5 pm twas a workin day...hafta seat 3 rows from front, get ourselves neckache and hafta seat slightly slanting my body was damn! WORTH IT!

Robots is obviously not my 'area' but I know the theme song...listening to it since the TV3 was born but didnt really watch my earlier expectation of the movie is like..ok..err...must be somethin like Xmen or Men in Black or Fantastic Four ( although none of these are not robotics movies - but somethin like that lah )...andddd my expectation was wronggggg

Compared to Shrek3 - my kids sat down without even move out from the seats with mouth open for the whole 144 minutes esp Amar { Well Shrek has become an adult comedy that kids of mine dont understand - but i lurve Shrek anyway ]

Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and HASBRO has done a great job! It is a mix and match of a war movies. comedic, loveydovey, tokyo drift, family, top gun n die hard kinda. Well it is not an award material per say...the animations, storyline and scripts are excellente!

For the Guys ..hey ... checkout these 2 chicks - you wont want to miss them.
Megan Fox ( Mikaela) and Rachel Taylor ( Maggie )

For the girls ....checkout this guys Josh Duhamel ( Sergeant Lennox ) ( Las Vegas - I like this guy - so cute ) and Shia La Beouf ( Sam Witwicky ) ( the nerdy looks and funny guy)

..and the rest of the stars...superb...and I didnt know autobots pandai buat lawak.

So ..this movie - highly recommended for sci-fi lovers..and i wouldnt mind watching it again if i could - although after the movie i had to clarify certain scifi stuff that i dont understand with my other half..and after the movie i cant help lookin at cars, lorries and modern busses and imagine they transforms ..tiketiketiktik - to autobots. But the theme songs

More than meets the eye
Robots in Disguise

tarak pulak...instead...the linkin parks one..oklah...



Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

Behind my house got one Transformer. Until now the Decepticons tak berani masuk rumah I

Thu Jul 05, 07:05:00 pm GMT+8  

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