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May 10, 2007

"Its been a HOT days night
and i've been workin' like a dog

It’s been a HOT days night,
I should be sleeping like a log,
But when I get home to you,
I find the things that you do,

Will make me feel alright".

...yeah..but yesterday it finally rains..and yes ..when it rains in KL... everybody seems to b late for work and everybody seems to drive rather slow and everybody in KL 'loves' the 'banjir kilat' - what else - oh forgot - traffic jam!...nothing new lah kan

The hot days - if you're in a house without aircond = like mine - the rooms are close to an oven temperature and if you're out in the sun working ( like me ) u are close to being barbqued. ..and then .. i grab the free 'the sun' newspaper and front news were "arctic Ice could be gone by 2020 - 3 years ahead of predictions -global warming" ...hmmm...just nice... to make everybody worried. Heres the report from The Star.

..and today - now 0703 hrs - after sending ayska to school - very cooling and windy - not complaining - but the weather nowadays are 'moody' like human beings - very unpredictable - well at least for me and most of us who are not an expert in weather forecasting - last time we can actually tell the months that it is suppose to rain or not ....

Last sunday we attended a cukur jambul ceremony of a friend's baby Alfie Emran ( Lynne's ) in PJ - ( she came back here from Brighton UK just for the ceremony ) - pity la the baby - cant stand the climate here - had to go to the hospital due to skin rashes, crying most of the time....

After that , we wanted to go somewhere but dono where to go... a place where it is cooling, not crowded, nil spending - think think think - We went back home, grab some towels and change clothes ... 0ff we go to Kemensah ( behind the zoo ) and "bedebush" at the waterfall ( just 10 mins - from our place ) - not a great one - only knee length - but canlaaaaa - berendam in a cool water - excellent scenery - not many people.
So while berendam - nothing else to do we tried to 'korek' the stones ( usually we use the stones to make a small dam ) - to deepen the stream ( doesnt work actually - hehe ) - while doin that we actually 'introduce' the ever-colourful-shapes of stones that impressed the kids. by almost 6pm - we felt fresh - had early dinner - then balik.

3 hrs of excellent natural-cooling activity - away from the high temperature for a while...



Anonymous cekya@suraya said...

laaa....kak nomi punya blog ke nih...hahhahaha....came here a few times.

here's my blog >>

Thu May 10, 09:44:00 am GMT+8  
Anonymous John F Seademon said...

Yeah..I know. My electricity bill's gone up by 21% from the previous month. 20 years ago I'd walk around naked...with 6-pack tummy muscles and all.

Now, all the 6-packs have followed Bank Negara's ruling on bank mergers so they have become one big bank.

So I'd rather pay 21% extra for electricity bill than having myself arrested and accused of flashing at my female neighbours.

Fri May 11, 03:35:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

heheheheee surayaaaa!

jfs: having yrself arrested saja ok lagi - if masuk edisi siasat ...errkkk.....

Mon May 21, 03:00:00 am GMT+8  

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