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May 23, 2007

..blessing from the sarong

Sometimes we have to blame it on somethin' when somethin' untoward happened to us - just to feel good about it or to avoid the feeling of regret. Sometimes regretfulness can kill us.

6 years ago i blame it on the house we lived in. We rented that townhouse for almost two years and during that time - 4 times - 1. we were burglarized 2. our car was stolen infront of the house 3. when we had a car after that, a cheap wira diesel with a very rosak window - yah u guess right, things in the car got missing. and 4. the steel cover of the drain alsoooooo they curi...and also plus a lot of other unfortunate time of our life...blame it on the rain yeah yeah

We were living in the upper part of townhouse so we have to share the gate with the stupid neighbour downstairs - oklah not stupidlah - unemployed weirdos. So we normally close the gate and he normally ignore our gate, but cannot say much lahkan since the wife is our landlord's sister - heh heh cool kan ;-I. The Townhouse is a cornerhouse right beside a main road. After we left the house thennnn only people there told us that the house has been changing tenant quite frequently... and they thought the house is haunted - agreed - 'haunted' by the neighbour downstairs.

So beside a damn towtruck stole our car very early in the morning ( my neighbour saw it but just kept quiet - and didnt ask and thought that our car was towed to repair - obviously we were in the houselah ok ) or maybe...... well..ok continue..I experience face-to-face-innocent-lookin- burglar. I was sleeping in the room with my ayska - she was only less than a year old. Other half was sleeping in the living room as he had a severe toothache and swallowed a few pills - and dozed off - pengsan.

so i am the type even when im sleeping m very alert...unless m mega tired. So at about 4am i felt someone in the room wearing red tshirts walking around the room - i look twice thinking that how come my other half became taller and fairer.. and immediately after i came to my total alertness, i jumped off the bed and tried to pull my handbag that he already slinged at his body and i was shouting at the most weirdest voice i myself have not heard before ..and at that time i was wearing a tshirt and a sarong batik - and guess what happenlah when we were 'pulling' each other - my sarong fell down and that guy (m not sure why hehe) threw my handbag back to me and ran towards the bathroom and jumped out thru the small bathroom window - he crashed onto a sharp pointed steel-small-flowerpot-house - i dono what it is called. and only after he dashed off from the window , my other half woke up and of course we didnt manage to catch him, although limping and most probobly bleeding he ran off quite fast leaving a major damage to that steel thing.. I think he was surprised that i woke up. earlier that night we were extra sleepy - so we suspected some hocus pocus practice took place before he came in thru the door.. He managed to unlock the door thru the sliding window just beside the door he managed to open.

So we are all safe - only my rings and my handphone was taken. I tell you, that time i was extra brave or maybe silly and didnt even thought of my life - the police said thank goodness he didnt take out any weapon - well of course i didnt tell the police about the sarong lah kan hehehe... and now m tellin the whole world about it expected we waited for the detective to come till late afternoon - then we went out and 1 hour after that a detective dono-who call said they couldnt find our house....blughhhh...fine...dont come at all....




Blogger Amy said...

Huh? Awat dia lari plak lepas sarung akak tertanggal? Adeih, scarynya. Rumah Amy dah kena masuk 4 kali.. and so happen the last 2 times tu I'm not at home. But yg dia masuk paling last tu sakit hati, semua laci yg ada dlm rumah ni atas bawah dia tunggang terbalikkan..SEMUA ok? Kertas, baju geram and malas nak kemas.. well that's 4 years ago when I was living alone la.. now ni rumah ni dah penuh dgn org, tak la takut sgt :D.
Kalau Amy la, sure panicked dah kalau nampak burglar.. nightmare beb!

Wed May 23, 10:54:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

i donolaaa..why he lari that time...i look scary without sarong i suppose ahahahaaaa..

$ kali yek..huuuu...the most important is our life..dont be like me - i panicked, thats y i sort off fought with him - didnt think of any consequences...

Fri May 25, 07:16:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Heheh...although this is a very serious matter, I couldn't help giggling sebab you told it in such a funny way.

But seriously la, all these jampi serapah and pukau2 thing exist and lots of people are practising them.

You know, to avoid kena sihir, do like Rasulullah s.a.w. used to do, baca 3-Qul, hembus kat tapak tangan and wipe yourself from head to toe. Repeat 2 more times. Then of course, ayat kursi is a very good pelindung. But if you're anything like me, kalau dah ngantuk sgt tu, letak kepala atas bantal and before I know it pooff! gone to dreamland.

I also take a very easy precaution (as a backup la konon) based on popular belief... bela ikan! They say kalau bela ikan susah nak pukau. Wallahu'alam!

Lama tak visit your blog, banyak nak baca :-)

Thu May 31, 03:13:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

Hmm..the house I was previously in was broken into once..and there were 4 armed Indonesians.

We lost quite a lot but as long as no one was hurt.

Now I keep my gun beneath my pillow. Shoot first, don't ask any questions later.

Fri Jun 01, 03:45:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Aiyo.. I can just imagine the trauma... and i know after it's all over, it does sound so funny. I too sleep in a sarong most of the time, since my first confinement, so I really gasped when your sarong jatuh. keeh-keeh-keeh...

Tue Jun 05, 12:48:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

NIN - yalah now after 6 years can Joke around about it - that time panicked! Heard about da fish thingy - well err...loves it...but no time to jaga la..THANKS! but the mainpoint here is the...police!!! ;-)

JFS - ya..kan...Thank Goodness everyone is safe - robbers skrg rob anyone anywhere - wish i had gun too...but takut jugak to keep

Kin- heheee... i hafta think many times before i wrote about da sarong hehe - so anyone nak imagine, be it hehe

Thu Jun 07, 08:37:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

finally, I have got to read the famous wrestling match which would be frequently downloaded on You-Tube if it was caught on camera.

Thank goodness for your safety and able to tell "The Tale of Losing the Sarung"


Mon Jun 11, 07:38:00 pm GMT+8  

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