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June 07, 2007

United and strong...

Ayoyo is June already!!! half the year dah...Time flies , sometimes i take it by the day, sometimes i cant wait for the future, sometimes i set a drift on memory bliss..and yeah! the stmarians1989 gathering was a BLAST!!!! altho not all came as promised and some hafta leave early....but we did it! The gathering was fairly a success, not bad for a first time event organizer ( angkat bakul...) witha huge and loads of colloboration with main committee rima n ojai and so manyyyy who contributed to the goody bags, gifts and energy.... surprised by the girls 'transformations' after 18 years..and the fact is innerly their stmarians spirit is still the same - all crazy - all cool- all positive -all giggling away hugging n non-stop talking sampai it was very hard for me to stop them for a while to begin the 'show'..dah jadi macam cikgu or prefect pulak..." Girls - hear hear! Girls sit down! Girls back to your seats!! - Thank goodness the ojai who always manage to grab attention with her loudy voice manage to 'calm' them hehehe.

We have not thought of the idea of having spot games, quizzes, lucky draws, mystery gifts and awards earlier, only 2 weeks before the gathering we decided to do it after many confirmed attending, as takkan just sit and chit chat only..must have activities and immediately many has supported me at quite the last minute, We have awards on best outfits, having most kids, maintain cute, physically change and travelled the most miles to the gatherings..hehe..quizzes during school time ( some ingat some blur ), mystery gifts under the table, lucky draws ( philips products ), and spot games ( eg: who wears a black bra hehehe )

before the gathering i had a bit of anxiety attack...and during the gathering, I barely sit and after the gathering i was mega tired but smiling alll the way

So we had it at Starbucks The Weld...must wear blue and or yellow..all sempoi and santai can talk scream and laugh as loud as you can. That place is empty on Sunday - no need official booking - perfect - they buy their own drinks and food ( so less hassle of money collection ) and the weld is just infront of our former school - but nobody dared to go there ahahaha too spooky.... it is supposed to b a museum - but dunno what happen. After the fun we managed to contribute a good sum for our friend who is suffering Myloid Leukaemia Stage 3 and pregnant, she came, altho a bit weak - and i felt like hugging her all the time - the energy n fun we had boost out her self esteem and she cant stop smiling... We will continue to support each other in whatever ways to rekindle the magical spirit of friendship we built 18 years ago! and when we sang the school song everybody stood up and sang 'graciously' hehe

After everything settled, some of us adjourned to the mcdonald downstairs, the place we use to lepak after school hehe.... I had my lunch there at 6.30pm..while listening to them whos still cannot stop talking and laughing - and of course the leader is Ojai - she aaa...joke joke joke, theres this one story about her daughter that i cant stop smiling till now

Her daughter, 4 years old a bit timid and quiet day Ojai called her "IKA!...IKA!!" - Ika has the habit of not answering when called - so Ojai was sort of furious - look for her who is hiding behind a door and Ojai said " Lain kali mama panggil nyahut! paham tak nyahuttt!! " ( When I call u answer! ) Ojai repeated the 'statement' over and over to IKA. The next day Ojai wanted to test her and called her :
and Ika answered:

We all laughed like mad nasib baik tak terbalik meja n kerusi...heheheeeeeee

Nevertheless...due to the gathering I sort of manage to track a bit over 100 of us whos in Malaysia and all over the world out of about 215 of us, cool eh.. " takdo kojo caghi kojo, ado kojo tercongang congang" So next year we hope to gather ( in RED) and make it more happening!
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Blogger Amy said...

*clap*clap* u did a great job la kak. We all pun dok cuba nak buat reunion for our former college tapi tak berjaya lagi.. its a lot of hard work kan?

Fri Jun 08, 02:25:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Thank you thank you...tapi collegemates - ada friends propose i to buat - tapi tak sanggup - sbb ramai track everybody down is a challenge. My schoolmates yang only 200 over ni pon..many are settling down we have created a web to communicate..

Fri Jun 08, 06:08:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

my gathering would be sometimes in July... those who are politically inclined would be vying for posts that are available... me? I am going for the nasi kawah...

Mon Jun 11, 07:41:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Warrghh kakakakak!!! Nyahutt!! So funny I can't stop giggling...

Sun Jun 17, 10:45:00 pm GMT+8  

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