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July 07, 2006


I am so tired reading news heading and email..about Siti and Mawi...oh GAWD please...some may say to me yalah because you're not their fan..If I am their fan... I am very annoyed to even be their fan... for me when i adore a popular person I look at their profesional career... but of course many of us not like that.. not to say that im not drawn to it too..very interesting topic to 'discuss' to gossip i mean and very profitable story for the media espescially when their wedding photos will be splashed all over the mediaprint in not maybe just this country, also Singapore and Brunei and Indonesia... but this is toooooo much... as long as Siti not talking or as long as Mawi not confirming in whatever 'he' says, there will be more and more pressure to both media and this two. Well I guess that is the price that they have to pay when they are rich and famous. But whatever they say , people will assume otherwise and if they dont stop to give statements that makes people ' read between the lines' then this will go and on and on...( it can make people assume that mega rich future husband have a share on all newspapers esp the malay newspapers and magazines ). Some artiste will prone to give statements for the sake of publisity or so i call cheap publisity ( c or s? ) which are always been ' advise ' ( again c or s ?) by the company they're attach to or the manager they 'attach' with.
So please lah Siti and future husband, just quickly make a press conference and give every single detail about your wedding thingy, so that no more questionmarks and all they have to do now ( the media and the fans and the pro ex-wife ) is just wait for the wedding. "every single detail...!' sounds easy but not... I know..but i want to see other matters than just your wedding trivia in the news. and then after the wedding tell the press don't ask about when Im gonna have a baby coz its an act of God. And Mawi, after this just say that you dont wanna have other girlfriend yet and truely you dont have one until you're mature enough and when you have one just say so..and what is your plan..'every single detail'..coz the next wedding trivia is yours pulak...ughhhh



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