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July 06, 2006

Hurray No 1

I have 6 Hurrays since I last wrote my previous blogs.
Last Saturday I've got to go to watch movie with friends yeaaaaa ..( 'Got to go?'..sounds like I had a pathetic life..well i am ) I think it has been 6 years since my first baby I have not watch movie with friends. The last time I remembered while i was pregnant and watch.. prepare this... Leftenan Adnan.. Malaysian Hero..not bad.. the kind of historic movie that I would watch..instead of the stupid love story from pathetic 'hunger of comercial value kinda profits rather than quality' directors. and I also remembered when I watch that movie , the boom bang bang sounds of the guns and bombs make the baby in my womb go round and round kicking..she must be terkejut (surprise) and excited..hehe kesian dia.. and since then I only watch the VCD.. itupun I have to wait till they sleep and/or i will sleep during watching unless watching cartoonlah. and last year I manage to watch Charlie and the chocolate Factory ( dgn ehsan wan's collegues - dono should 'tenkiu' or not - was not invited actually ;-i ) that was just 40 days after the 3rd baby born, I drag all three. Thank God the baby is an angel.. she sleeps all the way and then just recently Over the Hedge, again the baby who is almost 1 year the an angel. And last Saturday, five of us watch Scary Movie 4..Hillarious!..and of course I did not watch the 1,2,3, tried to pujuk the group organizer to watch Superman, but thank God she refused, Scary Movie worth it!! The combination of Ju'on and War of the Worlds and other movies which i cant recall the title is great!..altho it is 'lawak bodoh' and then we went for 5pm lunch in Sakura Melawati, meeting another friend who cant make it for the movie. Then I went to a friend house near my house whom i tumpang kereta with, as I dont have one, and lepak at her place with another friend whom came later and we chit chat gossip gossip till 12 midnite...and I know why the two celebrity couple had a divorce this year, and I know when is that mega celebrity going to get married, and which celebrity who is a 'sl*t'. Anybody want to know..hehe call me!! Yeaaaaaaa!!..first time came home when all the children have slept...thank you hubby!!...later in maybe another or within 2 years from now..I will be able to go back to my interests...that is Pool Table and Fishing...freedom! here I come..and now i can share them with my kids....



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