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June 17, 2006


"i am human and i need to be love"... I am human - song

Actually i am 'quite' shock to read about the official divorce of our beautyqueen Erra Fazira and our 'quite-hunk-singer-which-dont have-good-singing-voice)Yusry..3 divorces in a row this year for our local artists, one cancelled, almost immediately after.
Well for Erra and Yusry, easy, no kids, so don't have to answer to anyone who don't understand, but still..although I am not their fans at all, I feel sad as they look like a perfect couple, they are an icon to some teenagers and young adults. We are not like Hollywood stars, we somehow maintain our values and dignity. They had this BIGGGG Wedding...It was the Wedding of the year..but it end up...that way.
Its the second ( officially announce ) 'failure' of Erra's lovelife. Sometimes I wonder why pretty and glamourous people have this kind of problem.. I mean generally..not all... I am not pretty thats why I dont understand...Naturally when you're pretty , beautiful.. your life will become easier, easy to make money, can marry the hunk that u like, all that stuff.. Nowadays beautiful woman have brains...not like last time...So, they have brains, and still...What are their biggest challenge actually?...I asked before but they have not give me a definite answer.. beautiful plus ego maybe...and I am not close enough with them. Or maybe since they are beautiful and have money..they have choice..

Well I can only assume that it is a matter of management. Marriage is a management from both husband and wife... balance is the key. Not easy, One person can do everything and can think of everything but they cant manage marriage, even a relationship.. as marriage and relationship involve emotions, attitude towards each other is very important. The most basic is to respect each other and the utmost basic is to love each other. But like everybody say it is fated...

Sincerely, marriage for me is not easy.. if no two way communication..thats it..furthermore unlike the western, here..we're also married to their family, so have to take care of so many hearts..and at this age.. parents also getting old..everybody is at emotional state..and ughhhhh ... I almost giveup..and am now trying very slowly to handle this...

Back to our two celebrities... I hope one day they find love again with each other.. but if they find other loves..than good for them too..All the best.



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