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June 16, 2006

World Peace per now i have not announce my blogspot to anyone..still not confident accept write real issues.. hmm... soon very soooooooooon..

Anyway..Jimmy Walter was in town.. Who is he?..He is no superstar.. He is a billionaire whos trying to seek for justice.. ..he claims that the whole 911 thing is a conspiracy from the American itself...hmm... if its surprise..if its not true...then Walter is another kind of conspiracy.

Generally, Americans esp the mat salleh are very civilized, very pandai, very hightech...generally... and due to this wonderful God-gift they are either very baik hati or just pure devil...either for recognition and for power... you do what i tell you to do..if you dont kill kill kill die die die... How do I know this... Hollywood of course...and also Tom Clancy and Star Wars and CNN... Everything for me is created, planted with nice phrases and of course money money money... Undoubtfully they have the power.. and they're slowly and surely trying to conquer the world , maybe not physically... mind.

But the real problem is not the American, the Israelis, the Jews, the Nazis, the Communists, the Japs, the Vietkong,the Polpot, the Muslim bombers... the real problem is God..WHAT!!!..nolah God is not the problem...everything that had happen is due to what He has written in THE the end of the day..justice will prevail...How??... what goes around comes back aroundlah...thats why the earth is round.. you do bad things it'll come back sooner or later so is when you do good things...

Yalah... at present why the American/ Israelis so powerful is because Number One: they hate the Muslim. Number Two: Muslim - dont unite. when allllll Muslim unite..than they are afraid so now they're trying their utmost best to make every Muslim to fight each other, cause when Muslim unite.. no money can influence them.

Everyone is waiting for this unity...and wonder will it ever happen..they are few attempts..for example from my beloved country to make the Muslim unite...but not sure weather is good enough..for a start its goodlah but the result God knows.

Historically, the Arabs have always been fighting... they like to fight...and all this Mat Salleh blood also comes from this Arablah...its already in them..( well. originally all of us pun comes from ADAM also..but the Mat Salleh is the nearest descendant ) they love War so much..but the bad thing about War nowadays are they dont care anymore ... woman, kids, elderly...kill kill kill die die die...and THAT i cannot accept..that is PURE violent...

So back to Jimmy Walter, I wish it is true that the whole thing is being setup ( its exactly like Tom Clancy's novel ) it was not the Arab that attack the WTC... but how to prove..even if it is proven... everybody has died.. unless all of them goes to that gal that talk to the ghost and do them a favor..then everybody will be happy...even the dead will be wonderful..happy ending..just like all Hollywood shows...give us all the fantasies and hope.. I dont despise Hollywood..i'm drawn into it too...

Errr.. so back to Jimmy Walter again...what is he trying to do is blaming his own fellowman on what happen..worth it?..hmm..would I do that if my own people do the same evil thing.. i am still thinking what is the conspiracy behind this conspiracy behind this conspiracy, behind this Jimmy Walter.....Cannot think..because we're not as 'pandai' as them...i mean I am not that 'pandai'..
even if i take PHD... I wont be able to figure about all this ' behind' thingy..

So.. KISS...keep it simple and short... 1. Anyone who even bomb .. BAD 2. Try very best to support WORLD PEACE ( for the sake of our children ) 3.UNITE ( arguments only thru discussion )

..I told my other half .. the Indonesians Muslim will be the strongest Muslim in the world..after all the TEST from GOD..they can survive anything...



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