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June 21, 2006


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I like to watch football..why? because my father likes to watch football with all the screaming and cheering it makes everyone smile in the family. I dont play football tho..Why? because my father don't teach me how to play football, being a star of his team during his younger days he certainly not keen to ask me to join him playing as at his time theres no such thing as women footballers. Therefore I watch football with no specific favourite team to cheer on only the ones that wins/won like the brazillians, the argentinians, germans, frenchees, portugal, Italy and for clubs like Real, MU, Chelsea and Liverpool would be my bet. And I also didnt know the rules especially when suddenly it was 'outside' or suddenly they get yellow card or red card, well some I can guess why the cards are out but some leaves me blinking. So you see, the best football scenes is of course the 'Goal!' part.

So it left me thinking why are these football heroes are so good and soooo fast... I am most certainly dont have the clue as I dont know the coaching system. But I assume 1. Football is their way of life. 2. The supporters tho fanatics, that geared them to play better 3. They can make loads of money when playing football and be a star.

So that explain why my country's team is sucks, none of those three criteria is within the industry of our football. in fact most sports that requires strength and endurance has never been consistant. But does it matter for our country as physical sports only last maximum 36 years of age. and after that maybe you wouldn't make money to play football. Not worth it for some, especially for hopeful parents or family to a man/woman of being able to support / feed their family at least until the age of 55.Well of course after 36, you might be offered to be a coach but not all I think, the rest will be employed in private or government sector.

I was never really a sportswoman anyway, I thought I was strong but I was never chosen ;) My two eyes colloboration is bad, though in college i played netball and basketbal ( coincidently ). The least I can have fun is to play is pool/snooker, badminton and bowling.My best is always the music, I can play the organs, clarinets and a bit of piano drums and guitar. So I guess i dont understand the enthusiasm of being a sports person although i always have semangat to watch Olympics and all, I think that bit of a feelings came from my parents.

Back to football, like I said i prefer to watch the good teams if not I end up zzzzzzz infront of the TV. just a few nights ago I manage to stay up and really watch and make sure theres junk foods infront of me. If no junk food... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... But looking at the supporters WOW..they are sooo good, and I dont think everyone of them plays football. Espescially the Koreans, the Italians, the frenchees...and that is why I said those footballers are good... as their supporters are very good. Let say Malaysia manage to get to the World Cup, I don't think we will have that many supporters , I don't think we are enthusiastic to even go and watch the match live. I don't know..maybe we change. As we always shout Malaysia Boleh...I take that positively. To some the Malaysia Boleh is always a joke when the government at times act like a joker. For me the Malaysia Boleh keeps us united, if we keep being pessimistic about it, than too bad we dont belong to this country.

My mission in the month of July - to stay up and watch the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals.

Eat ball (football) Sleep ball (football) Bathe ball ( football)..hehe


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