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June 28, 2006

Foreign workers in Malaysia

I have read about other blogs that criticised the government on many issues, particularly on the land developer matters, the price hikes matters, the AP's, the unnecesary spending, the whole political agenda including fees, tax, cetera And i have to say that most of the critics makes sense but i also believe no government is perfect. What I need most here is peacefulness and harmony and most of all security in this country.

My issues here are about the foreign workers in this country According to this article, by the year 2010 there are going to be 5 millions of them here. legally...Illegally? tak kira lagi. Generally, they are ok, but [i dont have the statistic ( i will find out )] some percentage of them are prone to be involve in crime of course not just between them, but to us all. Not to say that Malaysians didnt commit any crime, but some foreigners contribute and this is my most fear.I feel unsecured. this is part of my reasons of not having a maid, beside i cant afford to have one. For a maid, I had to have RM4000, and then every month after 3 months 'probation' rm400 and that not including her food, her utility usage, a bit of entertainment and handphone - all this is to make her happy to live with us and work. If you dont provide some of these adequately, then you risk having your children to be taken care by them, your belongings suddenly missing, your security ( have to buy pulak cctv ) and your heartache and stress ( if they are not competent or not within your standard )...but of course if you are very lucky, than this wont happen, some employers get the one who is healthy, honest, hardworking, obedient and didnt talkback. To get this set of attitude maybe 1 out of 10/20..I dont know, as so far most of my friends keep changing their maids and complaint complaint complaint. Within 3 months you can change your maid for free if you're not satisfied..but after that 3 months if you want to change than rm4000 more. ( I hope im correct, or is it you change 3 times not within 3 months - something like that ) and the 4th one we have to pay again.. this is through legal agencies.. illegal agencies?..hmm..dont want to write about it...Well, basically, if you want to pay less , you knowlah the quality, pay at the right price pun .. problem..

See this foreigners, they are hardcore people, they went thru hardships to the extend of living their babies behind to be taken care by others. This courage I admire. and they work very hard here to earn with lesser pay than the locals. and that is why the locals who is still choosy have to compete with them. and some of these locals are complaining of not having jobs! Why?..ask yourself..

The positive courage is good, but the negative courage...that make me shiver. This is the price that all of us have to pay when this country becomes developing country. Imagine millions of foreigners ( illegals ) strikes in the US incident happen to our country. Here, they manage to have a land and built a big house and make babies whom will be voters in future. and we the locals..stay in small apartments... Complaining.. nonono ;-)

So..Government, please do something about this.. dont ask me details as i'm not an economists ( although I have been taught the micro and macro - I didnt score pun on these subjects ). I should only suggest that the authorities could create more opportunities for us and control the arrival of immigrants by checking every single detail about them before letting them in. Above all, all we need safety and security, than everybody will be fairly happy. ( Later, I will list down my ideas of opportunities for the local and will try to compile the statistics from various bodies )

Brazil 3: 0 Ghana altho know that Brazil will win hehe



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