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June 13, 2006

First time blogging phobia

You know what im worried of when i actually decided to do this blog thingy.. worried weather I spell correctly or not ( well of course i can spell check or somethin') but still..and then my past tense, present tense, future tense and the way i convey my messages, my thoughts or feelings. Felt just wanna cut and paste from somewhere and claim that I wrote that...even though I write in Bahasa Malaysia I'd do the same unseen errors of such. ( if anyone said..u no good in english than write in bahasalah)..

But..after think think think (see...these thingslah...should b "after all the thinking' or thoughts ) ..and after a few months browsing and reading examples of other people blogs that 'belasah aje' what they want to matter how 'erroric' ( hehe ) is the grammar . I'd say aahh.. bantai ajelah nak tulis apa.. while I still accept comments ( of what I worried of ) and will learn more and more to improve. I am not the type yang argumentative tak tentu pasal - well err.. unless i mengada-ngada with my other half...

ok..for a start, heres an anecdotes from readers digest1972 ( fuhhh lama tu )..[this one bukan cut and paste..have to type back ) hehe

A farmer brought his brother to see the psychiatrist. " My brother,"he explained, "thinks he's a hen."
"Really," said the psychiatrist, "and how long has he been thinking on those lines?"
"For about four months,"replied the farmer.
"And you did nothing about it?"
"No, Doctor."
"Thats too bad. Why in the name of all that's reasonable, didn't you bring him to see me sooner?"
"Well, to tell you the truth. Doctor, we needed the eggs."


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