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June 12, 2006

You Learn I learn

My heart beats 34 years of my life and I learn that..
I am what I am
I cannot become like my father or mother although genetically some attitude is in my blood, I cannot become like my idol, my mentor, my friend...
..and to the people I call family... I learn that I must have their blessings in whatever I sincerely pursue to accommodate my wish and desire .. Your bless can light up my life and I MUST pray for the well-being of my loved ones everyday and I MUST love them sincerely and as much as I could no matter how they are presently and they will turn out in future.. Somehow or rather they shaped me...
as I am what I am..To all the people I acquainted with and to all my friends.. I critically learn that...
It is okay to talk to your trusted friends when you're feeling down..That a real friend don't change their attitude ( not their thinking ) even if they touched the moon or they sink in a deep hole. I then learn to accept criticsm with open mind and do not retaliate without thinking and unwisely condemning others... Apologize whenever possible and admit my mistakes charmingly...I cannot do things alone in this world.. Even if I have all the money in the world...
I must not expect any return when I give..Sincerely that is..And avoid people that I am not fond of and act accordingly to others . I believe what goes around comes back around..
..And my ultimate learning valve is....
..Have faith, never regret the past...Not too worry to much about the future .. Plan... Anyways everything is in HIS hand..Take it as it comes...As blessing may be in disguise and that is why we must pray for HIS blessing everyday...
AND....Whatever, whenever ,wherever, however I do and whomever I deal with...Every single second I MUST remember ALLAH and RASULULLAH will always be at my side..
..And if I lived another 34 years I will have longer list or same list with different perceptions, wordings, intentions and as for now I am still struggling to learn what I learnt... And it is more than just this..

" Power of Concentration is a laser beam to your obstacle towards your dream" Tim Robbins


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