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July 22, 2006

Big Brotha'

Last Thursday I was the so the very the happy..when i finally manage to talk to my 'big brother'.. he is sort of like the 'pet brotha' kinda thingy but i dont really believe in this pet pet thing, thanks to the 'googling' world...SEARCH his full name: the government agencies that his working with...tadaaaa...walah... i located him. He is now in hk. the government agencies that his working with has sent him almost all over the world..well not even almost lah...but he travel more than we do here .. ke well something like thatlah kan..urmm..ooh..and by the way he sort of responsible for the 'meeting' of me and my other half - me and his gurlll and that point of time were sort of housemate..err ..sort off lah..sebab dia kejap ada and then kejap takde..but she's a good friend of mine till now..and this 'big bro is my other-half housemate - this is during the college years...and to make long story short, we end up getting married and big bro and my friend didnt get further... but we're still good friend with both - its just that big bro sort of 'membawa diri' - and we only knew his little update via mutual friend and the last time we met was almost 10 years ago.

So last Thursday, after gotten his email address, which is the official government agency international address not his personal.. and I wrote there, "I would be please if Mr. A could reply my email to get reacquainted" and i attach my signature with my phone number...and then i think about 30 mins after that .... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I was screaming ..he called, from HK... nice talking to him espescially when we talk and when he talk with everyone else pun, he always have this mind boggling statement and ' have to read between the line' statement and 'make you feel dumb' statement - we use to have that kind of 'conversation' together gether and i learn alot about ' communication' as i am the straight forward and emotional type... and I missed that as now me and my other-half we dont really do that anymore sebab banyak problem so lazy to think complicatedly. so after talking on the phone , I ym my other-half and we end up conferencing from 2 pm to 6 pm, that he has to have lunch in the office... the thing is in the conference when my other-half and him starts to talk, i'll be left alone to figure out what they're talking about, you know the 'read between the line' etc etc thingy..But it was FUN, looking forward to meet him end of this year and maybe with his future wife?? hehe...

So any of my friend that read this, who knows him, well..yeah.. we have keep in touch again.. and he sent me his latest photo..but a dark one...typical him..hehe - good thing - if not everybody can see his face at my blog..ahak...

Enjoy 'meeting' you again bigbrotha!



Blogger chopstick said...

hahaha...betull..cantik n very infomative blog..=) btw..mula2 baca this post mcm sort of penin2 lalat sket coz x paham..banyak sgt "me and my other half" dah paham ler skang neyy..hehehe..kem salam kat big brothaa..

Wed Jul 26, 08:41:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

heheee penin kaa, takpa gladly say he's my darling hubby, btw i ada post comment in your blogs..but wayyy down below as the latest writeup takdak comment punyaa link..maybe u should repair the settings...tq..for the comments ya..trying to mprove my way..;)

Thu Jul 27, 02:28:00 pm GMT+8  

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