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July 22, 2006


Apaaaa ni....when is the violence going to STOP!!.. They ( this powersuckers ppl ) ..didnt even think of how the families of small children dies tragically due to bombing, due to adults craziness..Didnt they even think if that happen to their small sons and daughters how would they feel... has been tooooooo many years.... the Zionis couldnt get over with butchering their ancestors..they have to also butchered others.. You have God too lah..and your God approve all this??!! What kind of human are you dear superpowers, so you created Superman, batman, x-men, spiderman..for What!!.. I thought to save the world..
For those who loves to fight, who loves to provoke, who is selfish, who is greedy, who manupulate - Can't you see the act of nature has done to you and your family..

I pray - Im very sure what goes around comes back around..sooner or later..



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