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July 22, 2006


Which news is better -
- from listening to the radio
- from watching the tv
- from the world wide web
- from newspaper

I rarely listen to the radio unless i am in a car..
I watch tv news only for the first 20 minutes news or maybe only listen to it, while i'm around the house doing the chores, at 8pm.. alot of things to do... small house so can hEAR everywhere and if heard something interesting will be standing right infront of the tv..and when the interesting news finish running around again
A must do everytime online, i search for news via internet only newspapers and bernama
I like to read newspaper but too much to read for one day sometimes i pile up somewhere for 'to-be-read-later' and then i'll end up piling it up and up and up then i decided to keep it together with the newspapers i've already read.. espescially the star, nst and the weekend utusan.

So i think i prefer the internet - i only choose what i want to click to.
but now... i like macam malas to even look at the title..espescially with the word BOMB, KAHWIN ( marriage ), CERAI (divorce), BUNUH (murder), ACCIDENT ..PROJEK TERBENGKALAI ..all that NO JUSTICE TO THE PEOPLE..

I like the word..



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