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July 19, 2006


.. in almost everyone life you have to have strategy... one who has the most strategical a genius...some strategies are manipulative.. some very straight forward strategies..for me i am not an intelligent kinda person.. quite bangang and slow sometime... but i always believe in God... I don't strategies.. for me simple i plan and the execute.. get results..short term or long term.. well sometime plans .. sucks too..with the help of people around me... well obviously i sound like I have that more in my life...not blaming anybody else tho...

One 'VERY GOOD' strategy is that Matarazzi condemn Zidane's family... for me... ( well i obviously back Zidane.. :) ) .. that was a sick strategy... but then again France lost not because of Zidane.. the team was not just as strong... and this time the final world cup match is the most unentertaining... except for the 'head-banging' drama..hehe

Recently and at present.. the Zionis .. vs Hisbullah/ Lubnan war...I just dont know.. what to say.. as if i say something i can change this people...war strategies now is not like war even during centuries ago... now a lot of ' pukul curi'... just hit anywhere they like and kills the women, children and the elderly... What the #$%&^#&*%

Politics.... ughh... it can make people crazy and hasty.. it can also make people happy..well depending on the.. strategy

and just yesterday.. our Siti make the official announcement... after making people anxiously waiting..speculate, assuming, exaggerating... for so long.. Was that a strategy?...



Blogger chopstick said...

holaaa...=) juz droppin' by..nice blog!!!! jelesnyaaa..x reti nak wat blog cantik ehehehe..=P btw,keep on writing yaa..

Wed Jul 19, 03:43:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Thankyouuuuu... this is my very first compliment..yeaaa.... i'll read yours too k...cantik je..isi tak banyak..hehe

Fri Jul 21, 08:58:00 pm GMT+8  

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