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March 11, 2007

My prefered entertainment: a review

NORYN AZIZ - The latest local hot beautiful unique voice Rhythm N BLues Jazz Singer. woman who can continue Shiela Majid's music magic, For you who likes to listen to this kinda music - I recommend this one strongly - she can go far ... Couldnt find her video Youtube only da time when she sings with Ning, Dayang and Nikki in ABP.
You Tube - Diamonds are Forever

KAER AZAMI - he didnt win the AF with 'flying colours' and tht was 3 years ago ( well he dont need to ). The first time I see him singing on AF ztage - I knew he could go somewhere with his RnB'ing voice..and finally his new album at his own cost - prove my prediction. Young .. promising..

YouTube - Izinkan ku pergi

The latest rocker whom I like, Faizal One in a million - his voice is not so stunning but his performance can stunned the audience. he can turn all music into Rock! He will turn to a great and legendary performer and musician..and his latest talent discovered - hosting...multi talented la this guy..
You Tube: L.O.V.E

Another One in a Million product - LOKMAN -he has not make any album yet - in the process i suppose..if Faizal turns all music to ROCK, this guy turns all music to RnB very well. Young and Talented...If he is consistently put himself on the right track ..he's gonna make it in the industry

You tube - Menanti Sebuah Jawaban

RnB guy again - ( hehe...passionate with RnB ) - won that singing competition and now he is 'DA BOMB' of girls from Singapore and Johore ( not sure if all Malaysians knew him) - but his young voice is great with an easy listening music
Checkout Youtube - on All because of you

MARCELLLLLL - A hearthrob of all Malaysian and Indonesian musics and movies /dramas fan... pheeewiiittt..this handsome guy has it all...voice and acting my friend Rina said - " He is one handsome BATAK!!!" ... Yeap he is a batak'nese...again RnB is the music...;-) Trust me...women can easily fall in love with him..whatever hair he is wearing.. ;-)
couldnt find his website lah...

You Tube - Semusim
You Tube - Jangan Pernah Berubah

..ok...ok...this guy sesat from my tajuk...hehe.... HAFIZ ADNAN was chosen to be the man that Malysian Woman Want..I'm proud of him... In the reality show, he manage to 'outwit' 'outlast' the other guys thru his sincerity and emotions..a kampung boy, a hairstylist, speaks broken english, looks 'preety' but has a very masculine body..and he is a real guy - I assume. Nevertheless, even tho if ppl ever say he can be 'acting' in the show..well he's acting 'prove' that he and the audiences know tht this is the kind of men that woman want... Congratulations - have a good trip to London beb!!

hehe - notice only one woman and 6 guys...dont get me wrong.. I am now 'hunger' ( not 'that' hunger aaa ) for more seriously good young men in entertainment industry esp RnB..rather than just listen to Anuar Zain..

well thers a few more... I think..but for now...i like this people - regardless of their background - you produce good products i will support you!

Will be back i think end of next week...p cuti- cuti malaysia...




Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

psst! you into jazz-type music ke? if you remember our junior from school "Danie"? I'm rather proud to say she's doing a lot of performances in hotel lounges / jazz bars lately [last year she was at the Marriott, New Year's at Alexis at Great Eastern Mall...], so if you're into that genre of music, and if you have the time [i know, that's a challenge], go lah support, ya? :-)

Mon Mar 12, 12:43:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Ummi said...

OOoohhh...there's Kaer, and Faizal Tahir and MARCELLLL!!! And HAFIZ!!!
*dreamy eyes*

Thu Apr 12, 04:52:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

lovely guys arent they ;-)

Sun Apr 15, 01:24:00 am GMT+8  

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