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April 10, 2007

Unconnected moments and the cab driver

Oh my oh my!!!

I actually had 'the phobia' to blog for a while...after the kk trip entries..which took me 3 hrs to complete plus pasting da photos... which i hafta wait n wait n wait it to be uploaded...aching my body...and i decided not to post anything for a week..and when i wanted to post an computer networks when mengong for a good 5 days...then i got da network back for four days and when i decided to blog again...da network lines DID IT AGAIN!! Only 2 days goes back to normal...also whilst m stll havin my PMS ..i now actually blogging ...yay yay!! clap clap applause

So while i was not 'connected' ..what did i 'eliminate' my bored stiff moment as when my kids are busy watching cartoon or sleeping..I...

1. reinstall simcity 3000 - built my city call Cinta - forgotten the strategy - when bankrupt... the city crumpled...ahhhh delete da another city call Kasih...also didnt make it a good one for the sims...delete delete...then i got my network forget about Kasih..

2. watch dvds...including da Barbie cartoon and Cicakman and Night at the Museum ( yeap you can laugh at me ) then i got my network back

3. sudoku- medium - printed before i went to KK..thinking that i would or can do it while i was 'in the air' or while waitin for da plane or at nite when da kids are asleep...heheheeeeee...there was no time at all...but like they say 'blessing-in-disguise' - managed to finish it off during my 'unconnected' days..if i am connected i play it here

4. ...and... I went for appointments and to the office...and thank God theres Monday..for me Monday pm I am a 'couch potato' - 8.30-9.30 ntv7 - CSI New York, 9.30-10.30 NCIS 8tv, 10.30-11.30 PRISON BREAK 8tv and while switching omn and off to ntv7 during commercials ( if m lucky ) as 8tv have back-to-back CSI, 10.45-11.45 CSI Miami, 1145 -12.45 CSI Las Vegas

chup chup nak story

and... when I was coming back from one of my appointments.. I was contemplating whether to take the lrt or the cab home from KLCC... and so ... I decided to take the cab as i see the road was quite clear at arnd 7.30pm...I saw one cab waiting at the taxi stand...i went towards it...i sort off giving signs asking " Are you taking any passengers? " sometimes some cab drivers are just there to rest or waiting for someone. he did not gimme any indication and just look at me i open je lah the door..and stated my destination...and then conversation starts...and during da conversation ( the cab driver - old, have white hair, thin, wearing glasses... Indian ) He asked me whether m married.. I said I already have 3 kids...and he said waaa... 3 kids..and still maintain ( not bragging herelah ok ) and I was hmmm...that is because i take care of my kids on my own..and thennnnnn he starts to talk nonsense...about how to satisfy your husband, about how 'tak tahan ' he is ..and I was like eeeeeeee...and I told him and said " Uncle, I dont want to talk about this...change topic please ( being polite lah konon)" and he said " Oh sorry, I tengah tak boleh tahan " ..and then he change topic lah...about durian... he said eat durian makes him feel warm..and i said " yeah, and to avoid that you drink the water poured at the kulit durian or makan manggis " and thennnnnnn he start again by saying " Oh durian makes me hot, cant sleep at nite..'it' will come up" and he suddenly put his hands behind the seat besides him.. I was so SHOCKED! and i kept quiet alllll the way..contemplating whether i should stop somewhere...but that time it was already very near to my place... I then asked him to stop at a junction near my house which i had to walk a little.. the last word he said was " I hope i could pick up some passengers here" and i said " I hope not!"...walking home feeling disgusted, insulted...ughhhh..looks like i have to be choosy the next time i hail a cab!!!

ok...continue..and then I got my network back...and then it vanish while i am not 'connected' againnnnnnnn.....

1. i finally watch CINTA - wonderful film wonderful wonderful and HITCH...lovely story ( can laugh at me again - old story )

2. and simcity 3000 city name is HITCH... did quite well... remembered all the budget strategies..but i have not finish it yet..only till year 1915..and then I got my network back
( nowlah ) mayyyybe I continue later.

3. while i had the network 'temporarily' I manage to printout some sudokus...and so...hmmm you know what i didlah kan

4...and during this time my other half is outstation and 3 straight days I have to go for appointments and some groceries shopping with da kids...fuyohhh...penat gilersssss.

another story of a cab driver..this time a good one...

It was raining, but i suddenly hafta go to da office. I call Public Cab...waited for 20 return call..I decided to walk out to get a cab.. luckily got one under 'Public Cab Co'..i entered the cab and told him that i actually tried to call the Public Cab, and then he said the radio is bad..he cant barely hear the voice of the operator ..he was in the area for quite sometime.. and I said ooo..ok... and then he said it again and again about the bad radio...i think he repeated the same thing about the radio thingy 4 times..then we change topic...about who take care of kids... I told him me me..mua take care..and he told me he had a maid..but when he reached home he wont enter the house if his wife is not in the house per hukum if he does that ( staying together with the maid ) he will have to marry her...not muhrim ( hmmm..logic..but maybe a bit unpractical for me - as nowadays people sometimes have no choice ) he mention to his wife ( of course over and over again ) that he would hafta marry due to the haram and the halal thingy..hmm and then,,u guess right, the wife decided not to have any maid anymore..hehe and he told me about his friend who did just that..marry the maid without the wife knowing...guess how many time he repeat the story...ok..only twice...

Reached my into the my pocket - no handphone..aiyaaaaaaaa...trouble trouble...think desperately...maybe he would call my other half..err maybe somebody would call my phone...Run to the public phone ..initially wanted to call my other half..but and then it strucks my mind ( can laugh at me again ) the cab driver laaaah..after all he seems nice always mentioning haram and halal all..and so i call him...and he answered " Haaaaa...nasib baik theres this passenger saw your phone, I thought twas his phone ringing and then he gave it to me and I was surprised " I was grinning and said " Pakcik can u come here again and send my phne I'll give you 10 bugs" and guess what he said ---- the same thing "...the passenger...saw yr phne...bla bla bla" I cut him off : Pakcik ..please come ya " after that I waited ..thinking aiyaaaaa...why didnt i asked for his hp know - just in case...- 40 minutes he came..huuuu THANK GOODNESS..theres a smiling passenger behind..i open the door . while he was giving me the handphne he said "..nasib baik passenger tadi...bla bla bla..." hehe I smiled gave his rm10 and wave him goodbye...legaaaaaaaa...

...considering about 12 years ago i left my wallet in a cab ..rm700 gone plus the cards....
...conned by cab drivers who didnt use the meter
...never ever talk about their income ... the next thing you know they'll ask for times i dont mind givin them xtra if he has to go thru the jam
..I have a friend - a lady cab driver - she's cool..but i have bad experience with lady cab driver
( charging me ridiculously and we were shouting at each other ) that i pledged to actually not to get into a cab driven by a lady except my friendlah..but experiencing with """THAT horny old guy""" i consider myself lucky

..hehe...azlynne..will do the tag later,will ..will... you triggered me to write today actually hehehe




Anonymous Adam said...

Though I love PRGs, I haven't played Simcity. I prefer the Command and Conquer series or Age of Empire.

Got to try it

Wed Apr 11, 02:42:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

aaaa...that one is my other half punyer game...its as interesting as simcity..but i dont like fighting hehehe

Wed Apr 11, 11:17:00 am GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

I love Age of Empires. Send in the Photon Man always.

Cabbies are always horny. Especially the ones wearing serban and kopiah.

Wed Apr 11, 04:44:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger mad redo1 said...

HAH! I am now in the Company of Heroes...

Horny cabbies, luckily I've never encounter anyone of them, perhaps due to the fact having a 'sword' of my own is enough to turn them off... hehehe...

Wed Apr 11, 09:04:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

jfs - Yalah yalah..u guys...send in the huns the turks the brightons hehe
aiyaaa hehe..not all la like tht some very kind cabbies;-)

m.redo1 - hmm...heard of the heroes game...dangerous main game nih..takleh stop heehee
Well...I've heard of horny gay cabbies teeheehee

Wed Apr 11, 11:01:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger said...

kak nomi,

hahahhaa.. thank Allah you're safe. i've had some cabbies' episodes myself. scary huh..

Sat Apr 14, 08:25:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Cabbies - most of them are ok laaa...but some of them are weird..but cabbies also experiencing 'weird' and violent passengers...thats the risks for their job

Sun Apr 15, 02:14:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger N|i|N said...

Some cabbies are just too eerily weird! I've had my share too and on 2 occasions, the cabbies freaked the hell out of me that I swore I would never, ever get into a cab alone ever again. But then, get real...sometimes you just have to take a cab kan? Nak balik rumah from KLIA for example kan? Who wants to fetch you kat tempat jin bertendang tu??

Mon Apr 16, 04:50:00 pm GMT+8  

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