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March 09, 2007

I? WEIRD?...errrr..

Heeeeeehaaaa....for the first time i am my two frequent bloggers the brilliant shima and the imaginative and funny amy( belanja teh tarik aaa.. hehheh) ... I was like Thank goodness it is the same topic... WEIRD THINGS ABOUT MUA... hu hu hu... who started this anyway... anybody knows? Disclosing mua weird habit..Gosh it took me days to think about it..have to postpone my next topic due after my last one.. as this topic is more 'appealing'...

ayoyo... hujan la.... ( he he advertisement kejap - while still thinking what weird habit i have) i have any...errr errr

Numero UNO

I cannot sleep early... always earliest 3 am...tried to change my sleeping habit - as now i have to wake Ayska up for school at 5.30 am..but cannot oso sleep early one...if i do ter sleep early due to major fatigue...i will definitely wake up after midnite... clean the house..until im satisfied...then face this machine until i get really sleepy.. i hope this is not an insomniac case

Numberrr ZUAI

When m bored and lonely and need someone to talk to, I will browse thru my phonebook name list in my handphne over and over again trying to choose who should i call..and the time I decided to call one person...i think think think... and end up didnt call...sebab prepaid tak banyak ahahaaaahaaa..also dont want to 'upgrade' my phne bill..coz when i start talking ...i cannot stop...

Nombor TSAM

Usually - usually lah kan when it comes to woman they love flowers... but i don't... the only flower that i could actually 'appreciate' is TULIPS..real Tulips... and i dont fancy fake flowers..
I heard tulip is now harvested in Bukit Larut Taiping weeee....can go to need to go to Amsterdam

Number FOUR

(hmmm..its getting difficult..hehehe)
Sometimes i ni 'mulut masin' they say... ( when i say something - it really occurs/happen ) espescially the negative one... and always felt angry with myself for being that..i knew it..but i keep saying it out anyway and if i didnt say it i get agitated... HELP! but I think now i have improve and become a positive person ( hope..for this statement 'mulut masin' is 'on' )

ni nak story ni about "mulut masin"

not husband friend, Rizal... i was driving from PJ to Mines shopping complex - this was i think 9 years ago - together with Rizal to meet his girlfriend whom at that time was working there ( now married with 3 kids - Alhamdullilah ) alllll the way to give her some medicine for her PMS problem... After meeting her..on the way back Rizal was asking me " What would you do if u bump into a lorry that is transporting pigs met an accident on the road "... I was laughing and said " what kind of question is that???!!!..well... i wont stop for sure... "

and after 10 - 15 minutes after he said that....on the highway...there was not so many cars at that time.... i saw a lorry terbalik at the side of the road..and a few creatures was laying on the road ( faint or die - dono ) and two or three of them walking around ( like drunk people - probably pening due to the hit) .. anddddddd OMG!!! sure enuf..they were PIGS!!!!!.. me and Rizal was looking at each other - dono to smile or laugh or even say anything - I slowed down..couldnt see the driver... assuming he might have ran off somewhere... apalagiiii... I sped offfffff... i dont want to help the pigs...and we were laughing like mad in the car... Rizal was actually stunned, he himself couldnt believe that really happen... magic kan..heheeee

Forgot to ask him to ask me " What would you do if you get one million ringgit"..hmm..maybe next time hehe the right and spontaneous and sacred time - i suppose...

Namberrr Anji

I can walk and walk walk for miles...but i cant walk or run fast - that weird


Yay!!! last last

when certain things happen..for some cases i will always rewind my memory and trying to trace back why or who or what started it.. same thing if when i was thinking of something..and then i asked myself why i thought of this and then i start to think back..what was i thinking before the thought .. hehe..confuse eh hehehe

I am a confuse person... I like to be different than others but maintain simplicity while having complicated thoughts and perspectives..hehe..this is not number 7 hihihihi

ok time to tag bloggers

azlynne1972 , Adam , TihTahPah , Anne , NIN , The Hustler , JohnFSeademon , Mat Redo1

If u guys was tagged before - same topic..then just please link it..if u dont mind ;-)




Blogger tihtahpah said...

yo..i've done mine..go see my blog.!

Fri Mar 09, 12:06:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

Okay..okay...tengah packing nak pergi diving nih. I'll do mine before I go so you can check mine out later :-P

Fri Mar 09, 05:23:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Amy said...

Heehheh baguih, baguih dah buat. Nanti japgi Amy bancuhkan teh tarik cyber eh..:P

Fri Mar 09, 06:55:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

Emm, finally! I thought you won't respond to this.

No 1 is the same with me. Although I've to wake up early, I still couldn't sleep early. Maybe we can chat some time.

No 2,give me your no and I can call you too.

No.3,that's scary...better say all the good things only.

No.5 pun sama, especially if in shopping complex or travelling somewhere. Refer to my entry on my trip to S'pore with Minea.

Sat Mar 10, 12:26:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

ttp - hehe ok...i amature baru dpt..hehe

jfs - lookin forward to it...happy diving!

amy - teh tarik kawwww punya...mai secawen ( slang matsalleh ckp melayu )

shima - eh i tak bagi ke no tepon kat u ..add me kat ym...

Sat Mar 10, 03:14:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sat Mar 10, 11:17:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger said...

kak nomi, dah jawab dah.. :)

Sun Mar 11, 12:07:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

done :-)

Mon Mar 12, 02:29:00 am GMT+8  

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