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November 14, 2007

the first episode

Amar wanted to watch "the transformers" in the computer..although he has been watching the dvd more than 10 i browse the youtube..and found nothin much of the new movie but i found something interesting.. the first few episodes of the cartoons which i didnt actually watch when i was s little kid..boys stuff...i like transformers just after watching the movie. Only now i like to watch the cartoon ahahhaaha... and only now i understand the whole story..

The first episode of Transformers the cartoon:

u can watch the rest of the episodes here if u suddenly got interested with that robots like me after watching the movie..

hmmm... i wonder if theres any more first episodes of anything else like smurf, monchichis hehe or maybe magnum pi or airwolf or the A team hehee..anymore ideas guys hehe



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