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October 11, 2007

The Ramadhan summary

The ramadhan has been an "eating event" for me. It was also the month which m so lazy to cook when i have the chance to eat outside. I have tried the Rebung Restaurant in Bangsar twice - one time with my family anotha time with my exschoolmate..the masak kampung was excellent for only rm45 nett per person. Also been to Rahsia Restaurant at Jalan Damai with my two cousins Lina n Sharini - food are just so so. Been twice to klcc at Bongsen the vienames french restaurant - food expensive but tasteless,were there because thts the only place that nobody really goes - we didnt really plan to eat there - last minute plan with cuz- all good place even the food court were all full - and no wonder people dont eat there. also checked out the Carlifornia Pizza Kitchen ( this is due to massive crazy jam in that area ( the last week to raya)- planned to pick up my kazen at ampang park lrt station - decided to just stop n eat at klcc ). CPK not bad - worth the pricey price. And my favourite restaurant in Ampang Point - Taiwan Noodle House - was there twice too with my cousin too. Wanted to have food one time in Secret Recipe but - always last minute - no place - end up eating salad at coffee bean an finish up kids food. Hotels buffet is a no no for me - too much food and too ridiculously expensive - rugi for a person like me who dont eat a lot. So other days when i dont cook - eat at mamak restaurant lor near my place. Anotha nice thing happen was, we managed to buy at last a very reasonable price two door Toshiba fridge ( one of the reason i was so lazy to cook when having the broken fridge heh heh- merely usable n not a good sight ) . TV not yet aa ladies n gentlemen ...;-( and me n kids attended the bukak puasa gathering with the orphans with Adibah Noor and the fanclub at Ampang Park. I always love to attend this gathering - having fun with the deebers and being together with the orphans. Dib is was really and entertainer - she made the children sooo happy. Im happy plus sebak to see them happy. I brought my bonda along - and she was very very happy...and i brought my kids along - and they were UNTOUCHABLE..Alysha just refused to go down from the stage! - maka berpeluh la gua melayan depa.

..andddd...sooo...about 5 days ago my other half decided to go back to Penang for Raya - initially he dont want to, if its not because of one of his brother has no bus ticket to go back. I dont mind - but i can feeeeeel the tireness and the anxiety attack already....Going off friday nite coming back sunday nite or monday - c lah how... Jam Jam Jam..the last time we went back to Penang during raya it took us 8 hours..y..y..oh...y... ..

anddddd...yesterday i succesfully baked 3 choc cakes..whoohoooo...n yesterday also after baking and cleaning i almost pengsan...
Heres how to bake the cake hehe
Chocolate Cake Recipes (Recipe Collection)
Mine is called Death by Chocolate Cake

Yesterday 3/4 of one cake - gone... hehee. Y 3 cakes..because of this lah..and oso give someto my parents and give some to my PIL

Today's project - laundry!..i hate it!

Tomoro's project - packing
Raya day - Anxiety attack..relax ..relax

Wishing everybody




Anonymous Anonymous said...

and here is the lawatan balas...again..hehehe...the choc cake looks delicious laaaaaaaa, wish i can bake....:D, but the laziness always outweigh the desire to cook...heehaaaaa...selamat hari raya to you!

Fri Oct 12, 04:03:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

hehe..tht was fast

i bake cake once a year je hehe.. well one day if u ter rajin trylah..senang je hehe

wherever u r during carefully n take care yo

Fri Oct 12, 04:16:00 am GMT+8  

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