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October 31, 2007

The raya and the course

KL has gone berserk again... weekends jalan Mahameru, MRR2, federal highway jam on Sunday like people comes back to work every weekdays. gilos...

Last Saturday... m at home justttt finish 'rearranging' the house since the first raya week. amd I HATE lipat kain - is the most bosan job in the world!.. but i hafta do it anyway...brrrr

A good friend came over to the house with her family and her mother..last minute inform..i kelamkabut fried some spiral pasta..Nice for her to drop by...shes my first raya guess though probably be the only one hehehee..thank goodness the nite before i finally took out the raya cookies from its container out from the box to the 'official-air-tight-raya-cookies=jar' container ( two weeks after raye wo..baru masuk bekas )..and as predicted the next day - the kids open close open close and starts to mengadap the cookies..well it hasnt finish yet..soon i guess.

and then the next day - since anotha friend cancelled her 'appointment' with me...*wink* to eylla.. and for that i cancelled my cooking-plan..then i call up my mother to follow her to a family friend openhouse in Gombak and so we went..and eat 'vigorously'..lapar siots. Then from Gombak..the jam started..haiyo..dahlah panas.. but my brilliant other half took a 'peaceful road' =turn to sentul..use the new highway straight to 20 mins we're already at my cousin's house in Kg Tunku..anotha open house...

Heres some other raya piccas

Next Saturday 4 invitations..pick a numbaaa..!!

hmm..main pool lagi best

Last two days attended a course of 'Professionalisme in Selling' - targeted to train me on how to deal with 'profesional' clients

about 50 of us
3 Malays
10 chinese
the rest are Indians/punjabis including the moderator

...what an 'experience' ;-P

During the course besides the technicalities

i learnt...that

1. Meanings

Kaur - stands for princess
Singh - stands for Lion


While we were discussing how important rapport and communications, and the importance of politeness. The moderator Mr M, told us while he was driving down to KL the day before he has to conduct this course ( hes from penang ) he called Maxis to ask certain matters. ..and he talks to Mr T of the customer service officer .. Mr M was very polite and keep mentioning Mr T's for example.."its about this Mr T" 'Yes Thank You Mr T" et cetera. and so just happened that one of our coursemate works with Maxis..and during our morning teabreaks Mr M asked him a few questions about Maxis and that he called Maxis yesterday to clarify the issues. The coursemate looked at Mr M and said " You were the one who called? " Mr M said Yes..why? you Know? ( after all twas not a major issue ) then the coursemate said " I am Mr T..I was the one who answered your call..and I remember how polite you were and for that i remembered your name.."..i guess.. Maxis customer service officers must had had hard times dealings with their customers..;-)

what a coincidence..and moderator can call Mr T..anytime for help... ;-)

..and that reminds me of how i met my other half the first time.. I first met him as he was giving us ( me , my friend and her boyfriend ( who is my other half housemate ) ) a lift = we were students that time - and wanted to go to KL from Shah Alam. and same day, i ter'bump'ed into him at bangsar..and were like " eh hi!" and bye.. then i went out somewhere and i bumped into him again! same hihibye bye, then I told my housemate...about it and my housemate said " U ada jodoh dgn dia kot (jokingly)".... and the rest is history heheeeee

ok..back to the course..

My moderator told us to prepare five points to create attentions for a customer to buy a condominiums. So some of us volunteered,,and then theres this one guy stood up and say " My condom is...1200 sq feet...fully furnish...." everyone burst into laughter..and i can see faces imagining things while he continued promoting his "condom"

..and then there was a joke about a monkey and a lion at the heard about that or not..well..err..never mind..i'll share about it later heheee

oh.. i also learn math magic

ok..think about three numbers

eg: 456

turn around the number

eg: 654

calculate the difference ( whichever is higher )

eg: 654 - 456 =198

Then the result turn around the number and add it

eg: 198 + 891

all answers must be 1089

..managed to shoot some balls for 3 hours after the first day course...huuu best... but after second day i worn out already..9 pm sudah tido.

..wish my ayska good luck for her standard 1 final year exam...



Anonymous eylla said...

good luck asyka...
br ingt nak dtg mah ko esok..
bleh ka?

Wed Oct 31, 03:40:00 pm GMT+8  

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