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October 19, 2007

The start of Syawal - Artenary

30 Ramadhan

1500 hrs - finish laundrying and packing, bought some titbits for the nite travel, bought contact lens, filled up petrol, Went to my parents place sleep n breakfast, rush kejap p Saloon wash n blow my hair. Ayska suddenly wants to cut her hair, bought Touch n Go, Washed the car.
2130 hrs - Other half came back, Packed up and off we go
2200 - waited for the brothers for almost half n hour at RnR Sg Buluh, then convoy. Other half very sleepy - Gua hafta drive...brrrrr by this time kids all bergelimpangan at the back seats already - we spread the mattress and the pillows for them to sleep comfortably..

..and driving was a bliss...a lot of cars but no Jam! fantastic..i guess everybody thot that nite is gonna be jam so most went off earlier in the morning and i heard twas so jammed up. Alhamdullilah - except..driving at nite for me hurts my eyes due to the glare, and hujan sekejap sekejap di merata rata tempat..and some @#$%^ drivers who cannot drive within speed limit and hafta give highlights to me. My speed was already 119kmh hehe.. hmmmph will till i get my own Ford Escape... dreammm onnn...

1 Syawal

0200 hrs - stopped at RnR Juru after the toll - other half need to go to the loo. the two little ones bangunlah pulakkk... Heard strange noise from the tyre - check check saw nothing - check tomorrow lah.

0230hrs - reached da house T.A Tawar..Greeted by the parents n pak ngah (bro)
0430hrs - Sleep
0800hrs - Woke up - iron clothes - straight to da kitchen with MIL - prepare brealfast before they go the mosque
0845hrs - they all went to da mosque , left me n kids - gua p siap mandi pakai lawa2
1030hrs - they came back , take pictures, salam raya , makan again, kids starts to come n ask for duit raya, two groups of bros's frens came. After that we hurriedly went out ( before anyone else come ). Went to the late grandparents of my other half's fathers cemetery, Then to Kg Sg Dua where Pak Mok lives ( Other half was brought up here when he was small with his grandmom and his pets were the cows n the snakes ). Then went to another house then we went to check the tyre while the other car went to anotha uncle house. Tayar masuk screw - aparaa..besar punyer screw - so tampal- got tyre shop
1500 hrs - the journey to Belantik , located at Sik Kedah where FIL's father good fren lives - Tok Wa, but they're already like a close family to us. Giler Jauhhhh 2 and a half hour to there and anotha 2 and a half hour balik. Blur blur blur..
2200hrs - Reached home. Giler tired - tapi sempat the Pak Ngah layan the kids with the fireworks. then after that clear the kitchen then sleep sleep sleep

2 syawal

Woke up - in da kitchen from morning till nite. Nite - BILS's friend came for the barbeque massive fireworks event.
Legs like Jelly oledi maaa

3 Syawal

Pack up n leaves.. no it wont happen that way... it cannot happen that way - back to da kitchen - cleaned up what was left not done yesterday - 'rolleyes' to the BILS's

1300hrs - start the car - back to KL... jam,,jam,, due to the mega slow lorry at da tunnel, due to minor accident, due to road repair and due to the police stopping the cars overtake left lane emergency lane....hehee...nasib baik my other half in good beh. Stopped at RnR Simpang Pulai and Ulu Bernam. Reached Vads at 8pm - sent my other half to work first. Then at home - I hafta carry the stuff - when everything settle - pengsannn

4 Syawal - morning - my mom pulak sudah ajak pigi beraya...adoiiiiiii..malam baru balik

5 Syawal - my clients dah tak bagi i holiday - hafta make 3 road taxes and issue 5 covernotes

6 Syawal - from morning go around and around banks, post office. Lepaks with my cuz at craven Ampang Jaya. 10 pm - I already dozed off even before the kids are asleep.

7 Syawal - I need to... I need to - finish unpacking and laundrying - againnnn...grrr... now m blogging... back to life back to reality

8 syawal - 2mrw - Go back to Ipoh bleaghhh - niece's wedding

My body still aching... y oh y...

Sunday night..i want to go 'pool' ing!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

neo, action packed raya eh....hehehehehe...

Sat Oct 20, 11:45:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

tulah transformers pon kalah..hehe
Raya is meant for kids n men..brrr

Sat Oct 20, 07:41:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger mad.redo1 said...

woah... dah pegi main pool ya... nanti aaa... mad redo1 datang chelen 9 ball... hehehe...

Sun Oct 21, 03:33:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

mr1 - boleh boleh celen... nanti i practice..dah berdebar nih ahahahaa

Sun Oct 21, 04:58:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mix double bley???:D

Mon Oct 22, 12:50:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

mix colour pon bole hihihi

Mon Oct 22, 02:17:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Jie said...

owh......... dah siap entry..hebat tu...ngeh..ngeh...lum ade mood nk hapdet passai raya.

Mon Oct 22, 08:40:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

aler..terajin sekali sekala hehe
kalo tak 2 minggu sekali baru update heheh

okeh..i tunggu your mood mai naa..hehe

Mon Oct 22, 11:18:00 am GMT+8  

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