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October 31, 2006

common sense!!!!

Yesterday we went to Burger King to have an end of the month "good food" kinda thingy for the kids - we parked the car just infront of BK and we sat outside as the kids wanted to play at the playground - after a while we heard kreeeeeeek - and I like WO! - my other half jumped out from his chair and go straight to the kancil parked slantingly beside us - the car reversed and hit the carbumper - we 'got' a scratched - the kancil broke the rear left 'lamp'. After looking at the 'hit results' he was wondering why isn'i the driver get out from the car - Guess what - it was a standard five boy - 'TERmasuk gear reverse, uncle!' ( trembling while anwering questions - pity him actually ) - with about 3 year old boy and 1 1/2 year old girl (siblings) in the car - the parents... nowhere to be seen! engine was on!

M not angry with the 11 year old boy - m angry with the parents!!.. thank goodness he hit our car if not he will go alllll the way and hit a SUV parked behind - which is WORST!! - with the small children inside!!! - So we waited for the parents for about 30 minutes while eating - and then the father came - My other half 'talked' to him - and he yelled at his 11 year old boy - but then after that my other half 'sound' him - that he is not suppose to leave kids in the car like that - we didnt ask for any compensation but we sort of reminded him to use his damn brain!! - hish marah ni - the ignorance, carelessness of some parents who put their children life at risks! - theres so many stories about kids died when was left in the car - the car explodelah , the car gasleak lah etcetera - i just cant write about it here.. it is sooooo.....ughhhh...

...I always reminded myself and my other half never ever ever leave the kids in the car for whatever reason!!...



Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

hey, not sure how "good" BK is food-wise :p but I can understand it as a treat for the kids :-)

but omg - can't imagine a set of parents who would leave their kids unattended FOR SO LONG!! that's crazy!!

And for the parents to blame the kid - sure, that immediate incident was his fault, but the REAL blame lies squarely on the parents!

Glad you&hubby were also of that opinion.

Hopefully the parents didn't go back and beat the crap out of the boy :-(

Wed Nov 01, 11:26:00 pm GMT+8  

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