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October 31, 2006

duit raya

'Duit raya' - for the children - nowadays if u give less than rm2 - if you're lucky they'd minimally make face or if they're loud they say it out loud enough for everyone to hear that it is so cheapskate to whom it was from. For me, if i can only afford rm1 i'll give that amount, and if i feel it is necessary to give a bit more I will - i don't feel ashamed about it like i used to before - ukur baju sendirilah kan... well in urban areas it is understandable that rm1 is nothing for some kids - for some other kids rm10! is what they call 'duit raya' or maybe more.. for me rm1 can buy 2 creambreads from the mamak roti - which is tasty - i always reminded my kids not to ask for 'duit raya' and if people give just dont open it infront of them and DO NOT even emphasize on any amount that was given. This year i'm teaching them to put the money in a bank - to learn to save - we have gone thru hardships and thank goodness my kids adapted to it and learn the 'real' value of money.


My parents in law decided to give 'duit raya' in a different way this year - put a lot of 'syillings' in a transparent small plastic bag - shaked it - makes it sounds 'keching! keching!' ) so it sounds dramatically ) - and call the kids to put in their hands and grab the 'syillings' as much as they can - hmm fun... for the kids - a bit hassle for the adults - as when the money fell off their small hands we have to run around to pickup the rolling 'syillings'... while the kids grinning jumping2.. also trying to chase after the money with the adults ( either the parents or young aunties and uncles ) bump into each other and fell down - we laughed out of the inconveniences..heheh

I don't know whether the trend where children comes from nowhere knocking on doors to 'beraya' - but actually wants to get 'duit raya' is an appropriate things to do - I don't know whether the parents actually let them go to do just that - I just don't think it is right - but then again they are children...



Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

yeah, I haven't "approved" of the whole duit raya thing for a long long long time... and if my relatives down in seremban criticize me for being kedekut I ignore aje,,, because seriously, it sends the wrong message to the kids! Some will LIE about having puasa penuh in order to get more money - now what sort of behaviour is that? Money is more important than honor and integrity?

Your description of how you're having your kids deal with the duit raya sounds like a very smart and beneficial way; a good investment in the future of the kids in terms of attitude [and financially - starting the saving habit early is vital!]

Wed Nov 01, 11:18:00 pm GMT+8  

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