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October 27, 2006

kasih sayang

hi..i'm backkkkk..banyak nak citer nih:

1. The Pollutions
1.1. The Haze - GONE - can see the hills in green instead of Kelalalalabu infront of my house, its cleared since two days ago - thanks to the rainy days during raya - hmm 'maybe'
1.1.1. My 'migraine' has also gone
1.1.2. My children all healthy
1.1.3 'See u again' again Haze next month maybe ( grrr )

1.2. The Firecrackers sound - GONE - can sleep in peace - but donolah kan - once the children all comes back from kampung and import some more of those. The first time that we dont go anywhere for Raya - so felt like staying in a hostels - sunyiiii je when everybody is gone hehe - best

1.2.1. 'See u again" end of this year - sigh

so before i 'story' about my raya and raya cookies...

2. Berbuka puasa bersama anak yatim bersama ADIBAH NOOR di Ampang Park

2.1. I joined AN fanclub about 3 -4 months ago - mainly because I lurve the songs ' Terlalu Istimewa ' - but m not active - a lot of active members chatting - if i dont digest the mail - it'll flooded - they had a lot of activities - AN takes care of her fans very well - and a week before raya the Ampang Park mgmt organized breakfast with the orphanage and invited AN and AN invited us to come - and we donate - The special thing about it, is - this is my first time event with the orphans and the ANFC - and it was fantastic mr lobaloba - i brought ayska along - after breakfasting they had fashion shows and singing and dancing by kids - and when AN perform - superb! she sings, she dance (imagine), she buat lawak and she gaves advice - all balance - and the kids depite having all the goody bags - they are sooooo happy - and I feel like crying - Ayska was also happy - the orphans are all so colourful so cute - I love all of them - insaf - need i say more- bila ada rezeki lebih would like to do it again...

3. Raya Cookies
3.1. Choc chip cookies - the first attempt - the oven caught fire! - hehe
See - I have two ovens - my mom's unwanted ovens - one small orange colour one, another a bit bigger white colour. it was 1 am - still having my headache - on the white one to heat the oven first - after five minutes - TUP! all electric went off! - ooo...ok...- on back the main switch - tried to be a hero - plug back the switch - TUP! - call my other half who's at office - he said "ok - its the wire - don't on it again - i'll fix it " - well, me still want to bake the cookies - tried with the orange oven - notice theres something wrong with the cookies mixture - too soft - but try to baked it anyway - guess what happen - it burnt! - hitamm semua - the neighbours must have been wondering what is that smell hehe - ok try to fix the mixture - bake again - play computergames feeding frenzy while waiting - then i smell again - o..oo.. - open the oven - mula2 asap keluar and then fire!!! - nenoneno - get the water and wet the oven and cookies - ( before that I tried to 'puff' the fire away - hehe ) stooopid.. alas i decided to keep the mixture in the fridge and think about it the next day....

3.2.. Biskut Sampret bersalut coklat and Chop chip cookies II
The next nite = he fix the wire - couldnt be bothered to clean up the orange oven yet - need to be fix as well - repair my CCC II - bake the biskut sampret ( although i didnt use the thing that makes the cookies name sam'pretttttttttt' -you know the thing that u press to decorate the cakes with creams - hehe ) - but it turn out fine anyway - the CCCII also turned out fine - only a bit hard - takpe - lambat masuk angin.

3.3. Biskut Cornflakes
The next day = as expected - the children wants 2 'help' me to bake cookies - so i make them 'meddle' with the cornflakes cookies - it turn out fine alsolah -

3.4. Death Chocolate cake
It didnt turn out well - but it is edible - very choclateeeeee- can la give mom-in-law...heheh

4. First day raya only raya
Like i wrote before - my parents went for holiday, other half works 2nd raya - planned to go to Sunway Lagoon if in-laws didnt come down - but they decided to come down anyway - as usual - went to PJ - bro-in-laws hse - salam raya and breakfast raya- then follow them 'all around the world' till night - very tiring - but the most important thing is my kids are happy!...

ok... thats all folks ..nanti sambung



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