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November 22, 2006


I was never a rock music fan when i was a teenager, not until DEF LEPPARD came out with their killersongs in 1988 that is love bites, pour some sugar on me and hysteria - i used to listen only pop and rnb before then - then during that year in 1988 when i was in form four ( where thay call a honeymoon year sort of ) i was introduced to DEF so i was like " hmmm not baddddd..." - and so from there i bought their album and started to learn to head shaking banging, not did i go to clubs/disco at that age to do that - at home only la - when felt like rockin' - and also from there i started to listen to guns n roses, scorpions, deep purple, nirvana - what else, haa..bon jovi ( when to his concert in Shah Alam - that was i think 11 years ago - it was not a good one - the sound system was bad ) - and a few more rock bands that i cant recall anymore...also start to listen to malay rocks music which i never thought i would - Search , Wings, Febians, M Nasir - errr...thats about all i think at that time. I was a little late to start to listen to them, Def was formed in 1979, Scorpions = wayyyy years ago, deep purple also.. and i lurve their music - rock but not too heavy..

..and so I didnt stop buying Def Leppard album - but when they came out with compilations - I didnt buylah - got almost all the songs - and then the 'rockin' stopped for a while when i started to have kids...

when they performed a concert here, I think about 5-4 years ago - of course I felt like going - but I cant bring my baby along lah kan = nanti they freak out looking at the crowd..heheh - theres no way I could go pun...

Just recently, i browse their websites- i just found out that they have released a new album with new songs on May this year...alamak aaii...should i buy aa and make my kids listen to why not - but the other day i listen to a rock song ( purposely with loud volume = felt like rockin ) - my daughter was like, " eeeeee...lagu apa nih mummy ..bisssing laaa " ( "what kind of songs is this - noisy ")- she put her hands at her ears and run away screaming....( not screaming like afraid of something or what - screaming laughing away ) :-P..oh well..she will one day figure out her favourite tunes... my utmost favourite is always the rhythm and blues - will post about it later..



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