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November 29, 2006

the birth day - with family -the best

Last Sunday was my birthday... so.. it was my birthday...many years did not celebrate... it is just like any other day... but then last sunday my other half planned to bring us all to a simple outing. Watch movie and eat pizza.

..and so we went and watch... HAPPY FEET... as per normal = cartoon...although dlm hati wanted to watch the departed, the covenant.. or at least Casino Royale ( not handsome enuf actor ) ... but dream onnnnn... if bring the kids to watch those - they will be dead bored and we end up not watching those movies

...but Happy Feet...not badddd.... about a penguin who is unable to sing like others, as the singing skill is needed in order for them to mate, but he has an extraordinary dancing skill, tap dancing to be exact..and so.. the 'clan' despise his skills..and so he went off...met funny penguin frens.. had his adventure...and..happy ending... u can read the preview HERE.

We went to the movie theater at Ampang.. MBO Cineplex - the same place I watched Scary Movie with some stmarians... the complex is so pathetic..not many shops open...only the level where the theater have 'life'... so after we bought the ticket we go and had some snack at the Auntie Yap corner - the Auntie in her late 40's i think - rockkk - a patch of her hair has a touch of red colour, with her colourful beads 'sewn' to her jeans and a tight shirt - and at the counter and sometimes wondering around with his hands on his back, smiling to everyone is her husband .. so i ordered waffles and my other half ordered kuey tiow soup.. the waffles - normal.. but the kuey teow soup very tasty...but the small-small karaoke rooms beside the shop is making the place very uncomfortable - as we can hear those ppl shouting their headoff - nuisance environment - but although the place is a bit 'cekai' - but I still lurve it - as there is pool tables and video games - can bring the kids to play together with us and they had fun...

After that - had pizza then headed back home - kids became so tired - and so we managed to watch The Appremtice Season 4 final peacefully ---Sean - the metrosexual-handsome-arabic brits won YAY!...



Blogger Adam said...

Happy belated birthday. Been a long time since I last saw a movie at a proper theater or any cineplex.

Wed Nov 29, 05:37:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

only this year - we started to watch novie-in-a-proper-theater , since December2000 - the mth where my first kid was born...

Thu Nov 30, 02:13:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

..the month WHEN my first kid...
i memang grammar problem... both english n bm..hehe

Thu Nov 30, 02:14:00 pm GMT+8  

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