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November 23, 2006


Haha... this 'slogan' usually sounds like whistling FEWIT!! when you whistle and it may be a bit louder when you put two fingers in your mouth - which i never know how its done - i can whistle but when i do the fewit thingy - it is not loud enuf... so i guess the two fingers inside the mouth might work - but never mind! - coz Amy Search has made it to a whole lot of different dimension of using the 'slogan' - its his trademark - instead of FEWIT! in a faster pace - he made it to a slower paste to Feeeeeeeeeewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit - among his fans its already a must use 'slogan' - but when recently the advertisement on the MENTOR show - about a young lad who wants to enter a singing competition but failed miserably - went back into the jungle and pleaded to his 'mentor' " tunjuk ajarku sifu!" who is wearing star-wars-jedi-look-alike costume - and when the hood was taken off - Amy went "feeeeeeeeewiiiiiiiiiiit" - dono for what reason actually hehe but it was cute -so as a result my kids now are "fewit-fewiting" .. :-) - and so the 'slogan' that Amy 'trademarking' had been use for a lot of other reasons rather than only;

1. looking at girls or sexy girls ( even the girls now are' fewiting' when looking at guys -hmm daring )
2. looking at celebrities
3. In a concerts or shows

Is is now being used for maybe

1. compliment / acknowledgement in a fun manner or maybe rude manner for some
2. looking at good food serve on the table
3. looking at hot cars or while driving it
4. caught a fish
5. looking at hot gadgets
6. err..what else.. little boys looking at preety little girls ( waa...dah jadi moral issue nih )
7. figure it out lah -... add the list...

In has create a little impact.... maybe good maybe bad... up to individual

for me... its kinda cute - for a veteran-stillcute-rock-singer



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