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October 15, 2006

Hazy Dizzy Sneezy boogie

Haze haze go away come again another day.. will you..? of course you will ..since 7 days ago only 2 days was clear the rest is 'cloudy'... one of the clear day I brought along all my children to work which requires a lot of 'walking' and was very happy thinking that aaah..the haze has gone..but came back the next day... it is certainly not even healthy staying indoors...the particles will also stuck inside the house unless I have a hugh ionizer but i only have one which the filter needs to be change - the result - my kids have not stop coughing and sneezing including me, thank God the baby had the problem only at the earlier haze time - now she and my other half is the only one are healthy. Two days ago I cant even get up - all dizzy and sneezy - I am the type who rarely catch flu or cold ( Alhamdullilah ) but this time around my body resistant doesnt work that way anymore..... hmm.. I wonder why....
Angry.. but what can I do.. to ease - i told myself other countries esp the Indonesia ( who is the main cause ) has bigger problem, Palestine, Lebanon...
and oh..that day when i brought my kids out - we went to a bank in Maluri to renew my client's road tax - Affin Bank - we took a cab - but the driver didnt have rm50 change so I went in the bank first to change the money - while waiting for the change the bank officer gave my kids balloons and chocolates and sweets goodies put a smile at their face esp Ayska who is frowning all the way as she already has flu..and this even before i deal with the road tax thingy - and they're all espescially nice to us that nice... Syukur...
I pray for peace and health for the children of Palestine - we only have haze ( tho IT IS a health hazard ) but they have bombs and guns....violent!!



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