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September 26, 2006

Real World show

I am the kind of person who loves music, I 'used' to play some musical instruments- but now don't know if i can still remember to read the notes. I can play organ, clarinet, a bit of piano, guitar, saxaphone and drums. .. last time i used to write my own songs and lyrics..only listened by me ..but that was during my school college days. Wanted to takeup diploma in musics but my dad was not keen with the proceed to business studies and insurance ( I wonder what i'd become if i actually took the music diploma - que sera sera ) everybody else I like to sings... since the Japs created karaoke, i am the most excited person.. if we go to karaoke places - there will be lagu wajib - that is from sheila majids, guns n roses, endless love ( duet with other half ), whitney houston's, debbie gibsons - these are the must-sing songs - so as you can see i like variety of musics - but not errm..dangdut tho - sounds to flirtitious - but to people who can sing dangduts and lagu asli ( traditional songs ) - I salute! - not easy.. = and my priority is rnb then rock then pop..and anything that sounds good to my ear... Once i entered a singing competition in a local pubs about 7 years ago - that was my first and the last - got 2nd place - not bad - I think I lost because I had Stage fright!! - menggigilll satu badan ...

..and thennnn comes the singing competition reality show - started of by the American Idol and the Academia Fantastica ( somethin like that -from Mexico ).. and the 'demam' got into our local tv producers who wants to create tons of money - via smses - the demam effects Malaysians so much as we now have the Malaysian Idol, Mentor, Akademi Fantasia and latest - One in a Million = and most entry age was 17 till 30 - and I like ughhhhhhh why didnt this competitions not here when I was within the age range - like i berani sangat lah hehee - stage-fright nanti kena gelak satu Malaysia - and then of course to win such competitions - in Malaysia or most countries in the world - u got to have looks, single or available - espescialy 'sms - public voting' are concern. and most of the voters would be the kids and the makciks and pakciks who's life lack of entertainments (maybe)... and I have to admit - I like to watch these shows too along with other reality shows like the Amazing race, Apprentice, Survivor ( eh out of topic pulak ) - anyways, i like watching but i dont sms mainly because I dont have the xtra money to do so and another thing i feel i dont earn anything out of it - so why bother!.. So what I do is - watch, criticized the singer and the juries and complaint why the right person didnt win! hehe..

I think here it has been 5 years this kind of reality show is on - and it is actually getting sickening - when the wrong person wins esp the Akademi Fantasia shows - and i dont concentrate to watch that anymore until recently they had One in a Million - and I lurveeee this particular guy name Faizal - a performer - but didnt ,,what didnt what - didnt get the one million - because!? - he's..... married!!! maybe too urban and the winner is...belongs to the race who is very determine to win - but then maybe she deserves it..

..but like Paul Moss said that Faizal makes the people who believes in him feels very proud of him.. and i believe in him.. and i ACTUALLY vote for him twice right after he perform.. the FIRST TIME.. I vote..just to get the reply back from the telco saying that the voting is already close and both sms cost me RM1..ughhh..silly me silly me..!

So... i manage to get his performance in YouTube for
FAIZAL and also FARHAN who also didnt win in Akademi Fantasia but did a superb performance - (trust me - you people should watch this) - .. what to do..public voting via sms sucks...



Blogger Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

Hi ! Suddenly decided to visit you again. I like music too, even though I don't know how to play any musical instruments. And I like the singers that you like too, Sheila, Debbie Gibson,Whitney,etc...(suddenly thinking of one of Debbie's lyrics-..never meant to hurt you but now you're gone..,can you still remember the title?) I used to have her albums but I don't know where they are now. If you find them let me know,k? I'm also curious to know more about you since we like few similar songs,etc...

Mon Oct 02, 05:41:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

hmm..tu lagu evergreen for me tu. will give u the song..btw the title FOOLISH BEAT - best best

Mon Oct 02, 09:14:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Nazhatulshima Nolan said...

Ahh,how could I forget the title??? Sign of old age,I suppose...(although sometimes I feel like I'm still 16 or 17,he..he..) but I can still remember my feelings then while listening to the songs.
Btw,my email Thanks for dropping by ,too.

Tue Oct 03, 08:56:00 am GMT+8  

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