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September 01, 2006

alahai... have to write this lah

Aiyaaa..has to comment la this one...has to get it out of my chest...that 28th night where all tv stations are 'racing' for ratings - the Datin S and Datuk K wedding TV3, the Mawi Ina RTM/Astro, then Channel 9 - the regular Chef Wan thingy ( which I sometime watch ), then in 8TV ada PRison Break ( which i rarely missed - but tht nite i have to skip it - have to and its worth it - i tell u why - moreover i can read the PB's episodes in the net ) then after that at ntv7 ada emmy award.. I actually pinned down to the couch the whole nite - thank God the little ones are asleep.
I AM not the fan of this popular gilerzz, Siti and MAwi, but I like to follow the controversies - it sort off colour a bit of my not so 'get-a -life' life.
and so I watch the Wedding Of The Decade - beautiful set-up, the whole hall is soo enchanting - and looking at crowd--fuhhh ramainyaaa ( so many ) - so proud being invited i guess - for some of them.. My little girl love Siti's 'cinderella' dress and the cake. But what i love about the wedding the most is Kris Dayanti - SUPERB performance - the local ones - alamakk, lazy to comment lah - well let just say - I dont like it at all..and the funny part is - Siti HAS to sing lagu cintan cintun (lovey dovey ) dia with her 'dress' (as she always do) with the lyrics such as 'peluklah daku etc etc' infront of the VIPs - well is her wedding, is her right to do what she wants to do - tapi kelakarlah babe..and her husband, when he notice the camera focussing at him - he smiles and if he dont know the camera is at him he frown..err..why aahh .. Just realize that its a BIGGG reponsibility to marry a diva, as he just left his wife eh.. and I notice Tun Mahathir was sleeping/closing his eyes - maybe thinking how to deal with the cabinet ministers ...err...again?.. BTW.. CONGRATULATIONS ..DK and DS - hope it last...
And some friends of mine went - One of them who is the relative of DK - initially dont want to go as was 'segan' as they are relative from DK side - but they went anyway - and she said the food was just ordinary maybe because too many 'ear-pain' singing - and it was a boring night...And i said you should've stayed home and watch MAwi- Ina shows and enjoy yorself - and she was 'yaaa laaa' -everybody is talking about it laa...
and Gawddddd that soooooooo funnyyyyyy - even Rosyam who interviewed Ina was trying not too laugh - thank God he's an actor hehe.. Ina was practically asking Mawi to open up his heart back to her... Its a disgrace for us womennnn... that Mawi is really cold towards her even when she's crying..and the climax - SHE SINGS!!!! ( very very the pitchy - Pls lah... if she really wants to be popular - pls get her trained with a vocal trainer for 8 years) - merayu-( begging ) and 'mendayu-dayu' ( 'melodious' - is it the word aarr ) Oh my... I was laughing till i fell off the couch and - my girl was like " Mummy mummy pasal apa mummy gelak " ( why are you laughing ).. I still laugh without answering her and she continues " OOO..mummy gelak sebab dia nak kahwin dgn Mawi dia suara tak sedap ye.." and she kept questioning me - and i just say " takde apalah " ( malas nak explain..).. that is a REAL JOKE better than American funniest video - and that is why it is worth it babe! Sorrylah Ina , I know you are very sad... but u just did something stupid... dont do that again or should you? So for those who missed it - can watch it on YouTube - it is very malay malay kinda thingylah if you know what i mean... but the most i like about the show is the song sang by ONCE - like that song..



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