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September 12, 2006

If I'm a celebrity...

In some magazines there will be a column on interviewing celebrities or VIPs that needs direct answers from them - not pertaining about themselves as in career or family questions but about their true self - and when i read it, I would also pretend how would i answer it if i'm the celebrity ;-) and no, no i'm not the 'gila-glamour' kinda person - just pretending - now i have the chance to answer some questions adapted from some magazines and make it public! kewllll..

Inner beauty for you is?
Someone who is smart, funny and sincere

What makes a woman attractive?
Simple and elegant woman with a real smile

What MUST you have with you all the time?
My ATM card that has money in it

The best advice you'd ever get?
Just be yourself and keep reaching for the stars

Your dream 'birthday'?
Travelling all around the world with my family

Your Best Achievement?
Being a MOM

What makes a person sexy?
lips like Angelina Jolie

If you become a minister which portfolio you would prefer most?
Ministry of Outer space ( hehe ) - that would be the science and Technology ministry, right?

Who would you like to bump into? and if you do what would your reaction be?
Matt Damon, Julia Roberts. - "stunned", Brian Mcknight - "shout", Tun Mahathir - shake his hand ( did that twice ), My religion teacher - hug

If you become a Superman/woman what would you do first?
Destroy all weapons and War-prone equipments

What can't you live without?
My Children

What was your best birthday gift?
A Huge Garfield hugable pillow

So there you go..From my answers, what kind of person am I ? Well thats me! Theres more.. but i got tired thinking..maybe in my next next entry..



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