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September 02, 2006

Can you find the 9 people..?

Alamak... I can only find 8... Can anyone tell me another one?



Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

heh. i only saw seven, or eight if you include the "baby"... then.. if you look closely at the top left area where the bird is,,, I only saw three faces there, but actually there are four. So that brings the total to 9. [found the solution here]

Sat Sep 02, 01:33:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

ooo...didnt see the other one at upper left lah.. I thot i saw one face at the old-man-standing's beard then its 10 hehe..well thanks for the solution

Sat Sep 02, 08:08:00 pm GMT+8  

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