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August 30, 2006

When we meet...

Last week me and my 3 ex-college mate friends gathered together in Bangsar, it was a superb meetings, as we set-a-drift-on-memory-bliss during our college years in shah alam and johor- those years was fun espescially for us who are very'naughty' and always up to adventure. The great thing was when after we graduated we heard that the vice head of the college still looking for us, the group, who is the 'criminal' of certain events - and we were like wooooo wow...heheh - and thank God we didnt get caught as we always portray good image infront of the lecturers and lecturers like us..hehe.. baik punya cover up. Not too worry readers - it was not so major vices but it could make us expelled from the college ;-)

..and then we start to talk about our present situations - 3 of us are married, another one still single just broke off with her almost perfect guy. One of them married, no other problem except she has a jeolous and argumentative husband ( well, the hubby is a qualified lawyer ) . Another one married and also have a jeolous husband as well ( well i must say this 2 friend of mine has good looks ) - but this gals i know will always know how to handle this.

As for me, my marriage is normal, only financial constraint can spark a major argument. My advice to my 2 ' jeolous-spouse' friends - I can never stop you from complaining - but STOP complaining! - i feel they provide you enough and no husband is perfect and jeolous husband means they love you so very much - I know you guys can keep your marriage sparkling till the end of time. As for my single PHD pal, take it as it comes. but dont stop looking for one but stop looking for too perfect guy. Not easy my friend - but let us pray together that our life would be blessed by the AlMighty God and He will give us strength, calm and health.


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