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July 31, 2006


Wo... todayyyy is verrrry colllld... not complaining , lurve it... as we're staying in an apartment on top of a hill.. its rather chilling... no aircond needed... not that i installed any...not even fan needed... outside i can touch and feel the 'cloud' hehe...
this past few days my machine has been attacked by virusses, Gawd..everyday.. theres virusses, fortunately we have this AVG , Spybot, LAvasoft..and dono what else my other half installed... if not for that, my machine would be crash boom bang... hmmm... what happen to roxette...after this i'll try to 'google' their web.. use to love their music
and 3 days ago... I went to my 'workplace' with my children, after doing my work, we had a late lunch at a nice restaurant, it has been a while a, and then we went to MPH... a must for my children ayska 6 and Amar 2, they cant resist the bookshop, only go there and browse the books.. usually didnt buy as it is usually out of my budget.. so just let them read.. cultivate reading habit for them.. but that day i decided to buy one each, the cheapest one... MPH not cheap.. i'd rather buy in pay less bookstore in ampang point.. as some books, when bring back home, may end up in a dustbin as the baby who does not know how to appreciate books just love to chew and tear some of the books that are easily teared...but i make sure the one that my good friend gave ( Rina ) a set of Disney's book is well kept - sooo precious, also my precious enid blyton's set , keep it somewhere safe until they really know how to appreciate books. anyway my children loves books as the father likes to read.. the habit genetically comes from him i supposed, i love reading too but only when i'm interested and only when I felt like it, nowadays with all the motherhood craziness, i rather not read as i wont be able to concentrate and if i dont put the book somewhere safe.. it'll then you 'know what..
but that day in MPH, a book strikes me to read again... Frank Mc Court's.. I love his writing very cynical, spontaneous , funny... it started when i watch the movie Angela Ashes from the movie... i then decided to buy 'Tis, sequel to that movie.. and now he has a new novel... got to buy.. got to buy..tunggu gaji...
Unlike my other half who loves Tom Clancy and similar writers, war and historic books, fantasies books, STAR WARS, sci-fi.. I'd prefer the stories about families, friends, true stories, motivational stories and also some horroric ones like Amytville, Stephen King's. My normal routine is women magazines and the news..



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