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August 10, 2006


Well, for some they may think that i'm a freak to talk about death... but it is the reality that everybody have to face - no way to run from it - but i 'see' this everyday from the news - due to accidents, murdered, WAR ( which i cannot understand - why the Zionis must kill the women and children ), suicide, illness. I always wonder the situation of/from a person with near-death experience - i was told that ( in a religious point of view and from some people who cheated death ) that suddenly your mind will rewind all the things that you have done and the people you liased and closed with - and i was told more about it - but i guess i dont need to elaborate.

I cannot imagine how'd d children who was raped and killed, children died out of War and bombings would feel, these are all unexpected - unlike if they are sick or critically sick - at least theres a mind 'preparation' for them and their loved ones. And I just cant stand to see mother's crying over their unexpected death of their children... also the children grieving over their beloved mother/father. The way i calm myself when i see/heard children die is - they must be very happy in heaven now - enjoying eternity life - all children goes to heaven kan..

I have also friends who are still young but are now suffering all kind of diseases like, heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, gall bladder problems et cetera - and i am concern. My advice to them is to lead a healthy life - body and mind - but you never know - you may be sick but you may die out of something else - sound harsh - but reality check babe. My other advice is to pray with determination - the rest leave it to HIM. Well like we all know, we plan but HE will decide. I have not experience close friends - past way Thank God, Close relative - ada. ..Close friend past away like my fellow blogger- kembang semangkuk.

And although i feel healthy - may be - i didnt go for medical checkup - just yet- the last time was 1 year ago when i delivered my baby - well urmm so far the doctor didnt say anything - at her point of view , I have to be prepared, not that i expected it soon but you know - those advices that i gave i must practised it also - which i know not that easy... INSURANCE is one way to have peace of mind - if u ever become sick or of other mishaps..;-)

SO, i think i should make a list like - My name is EARL show - the longer i live the longer the list i suppose.. Want to know the list?....later - maybe until it is long enuff hehe



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