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August 24, 2006


Hallo to whomever are reading my blog.. as per now my machine just cured by the flu created by the haze...again...yeah... i was attacked again ..and as a result of my impatient to try to fix the machine myself instead of the expert as in my other half.. the machine suddenly need a new ..err..what..urmm...oh yeah... power supply..hehe..

Cant help it lahhh.. am addicted to the INTERNET oledi... if i get stucked... i want to fix it there and then... but the good thing now is... i actually learn a lot about this machine... instead of just the screen and the keyboard... I actually meddle with the wires and the cards..kewl..well yeah I screw up.. actually..tried to 'skruuuuu' everything out and put it back again..

and now when i am back 'in the net' again i was trying to recall what actually i wanted to write my head topics are 'mumblingjumbling' .. on issues about drug addicts from the rtm1 discussing with our drugaddicts celebrities, then i was considering on commenting about Datin Siti's ceremonies - but aaah....dont want..boring topic.., and then topics on jeolous spouses which some friends and me were discussing just two nights ago (not new to me but i felt it is still an interesting issue ) and another one about 3 C's that i was wondering about that is Comment, Critics, Complaint.

So which one shall i start first... is all these topics boring... yalah boring la kan.. but nevertheless I'll talk a bit about drug now...later or tomorrow or whenever I'll write about the other two - while still searching for more interesting topics.


What kind of person takes drugs? ( hey do i sound like a form1 student writing for an english essay competition- interclass or interschool heh heh ).. do everyone who takes drugs the first time can never stop? like cigarette..

Saturday night, I was browsing the TV Channel, no interesting shows for a saturday night, RTM1 caught my eye again (..again means the other time was when they were discussing about how sick the controversial film titled Gubra is - whereby i came into a conclusion that the 3 panels and the host is actually the one who is sick!) the drug discussion thingy - and so they invited Jamal Abdillah and Saleem - and also the chief of Pengasih ( the NGO to help addicts ) Haji Yunus. Jamal and Saleem is a well-known drug addict celebrity - they have been in and out from the Serenti ( the drugaddicts err..what do you call this kind of place - Pusat Pemulihan - in english - err i cannot think- some sort of Healing Centre which looks more like a prison) and the courts/prison respectively. So these two guys are confessing on how they got stuck with it and on how difficult is the process to heal. and how embarassing their life is although they have all the money..And now in the process for them heal their main negative factors are the 'calling' from the drug dealers, family supports, the bad impression by the public and friends..

Jamal is an old timer with drugs - he spents hundreds of thousand ringgit because of it, and he cannot just stop abruptly altho he has all the support from his family to cure him..and he has heard of advices over and over..and he obviously hates all the lectures - this year he decided to realy cure himself by just say to himself that he wants to stop - and theres no 2 way about it - he regretted on the money he spents, he talks to himself facing the wall as he heard someoneelse voices, his looks turn ugly, he forgot his lyrics which can jeopardize his career and so now he finaliy feel theres nothing good about it.

( My God..I feel sleepy - this is a boring topic...- never mind i'll move on ..its 2.44am tho now ))

Saleem has his wife support - SALUTE - to the wife, who can actually lives with a almost useless husband. Saleem case is a bit new, but a lot of times tvnews and papernews has the story about his'activities'.
( actuallynyerkan - i got really sleepy and save this to draft and now m continuing )

and these two has become the drug-addict-trying-to-heal icon for some more artistes that took drugs and for all addicts. and they say to stop the habit and the gian is by telling yourself to stop one day at a time, no one else can tell you that..same like cigarette smokers...Difference is drugs side effects is super. .. and you could end up murdering your own mother ( seriously - no joke - happen so many times )...and i do have friends whom husband died because of drugs, friend's brother died, friend's friend still a drug addict - and naturally i would want to get away from them as they could just turn violent anytime with or without drugs influence but at the same time this people need moral support from family, friends and the
How to stop the dealers when at the same time the demand is getting higher... Im very sure our enforcement has done a lot of things to stop this - but i guess they have not done enough - social problem is a big issue now not just in urban areas, rurals too. In rural areas, you don't have to have pubs/discos to take drugs - they get to have it in the jungle.



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