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September 18, 2007


Three blessing in diguise happened last week

My spectacles was out-of-alignment ( due to my constant little engineers curiosity of what-happen-if i -bend this thing- [baby point of view]) i was trying to 'repair' it..and suddenly..."PraK" with capital K.... SUBZERO! --- oh boy..i have no rm300-400 to buy a new spec for my 400-500 'eye-power" ( middle of the month)... so off to england optical - get myself a disposable contact lenses ( which i swore for the rest of my life not to wear any ) - cost me rm80 ( almost being conned by the 'expert'- saying that i need to wait for special lenses for my eyes as i have glaring problem etc etc and i hafta wait for a week for them to order) and I said i want it NOW!!!...and brrrr... i had a dreadful time to put it in and out from my eyeball - and my cuz was laughing like mad to me ( of cozlah kan shes the pro in lenses ).... so since now i have gone against my principal of not wearing i can colour my hair ahahahahhh mother like son...

I was at the SOHO and suddenly...PrannnnnG...and i heard " MUMMMYYY"
..i ran to the kitchen...the inner part of the fridge door was on the floor with all the 'ingredients' and 'lovely' broken eggs...assuming he was climbing the thing OR pulling the thing..SUBZERO!!!
now my 10 year old fridge is full of masking tape and are ready to die. I have not buy the new tv yet lahkan - so hafta think which one to buy first end of this month SUBZERO!!!! but it made my day when i read about old refrigerators here..about time to change mine...

I was at my parents place..

ok..ok..i must admit i am a typical lady driverlah..

i dono..oklah..lets put it this way... i dont have the strength to change the tyre eheheh..
It went flat at almost 12 midnite i was about to go back home..and the kids were already in screaming mode...SUBZERO!!!!..drove slowly to the nearest petrol station..asked a little help frm the young guys there to fill up the air..and my other half had to come and check us out all the way from his office...;-P

the blessing is..due to all the stress..he let me go to play pool with my cuz saturday night - err--well although ramadhan... SUBZERO!!!... had a swell time..although theres some bunch of noisy kids behind us who are not so subzero - but well- everybody there is having point frowning to them

and so where do i learn the word SUBZERO.. ( not from Mortal Combat ) from TOP GEAR series in ntv7 at 3pm every sunday...sooooo SUBZERO!!! old brits guy although sometimes silly..but very funny.

what is SUBZERO!... I assume its the brits version of the americans ..coooool

over and out



Blogger N|i|N said...

I know what will solve your problem...that SUBZERO refrigerator that comes with a TV on its front panel....SUBZERO!! Now you can cook and watch tv at the same time...good idea or not?

Wed Sep 19, 01:03:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger mad.redo1 said...

hehehe... new fridge or new tv or new specs? which one aaa?

Wed Sep 19, 06:50:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

NiN- apa brand itu! hehe good idea lah kannnn heheee i think i must wait for them to grow up a little bit more before i have all that hehee

MR1- tu yg tengah lat talilat laili tamplonG!

Wed Sep 19, 10:00:00 pm GMT+8  

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