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January 27, 2007

Reality Tv show - they do, we follow

The first time I watch a reality tv show was The Survivor, i think it was 7 years ago, I still remember i was pregnant with my first kid and my father was very sick at that time. Survivor was interesting at first, then i continued to watch season after season and then I got fedup as i can already read the game and the surprises....and the show proof that every human being although different but basically certain group of criteria is the same.... another interesting one is The Amazing Race which is more about racing to the destination - interesting heart-thumping show - we followed and its call The Explorace - oklah..same concept but of course less prize - not bad - it is entertaining.. Copying Survivor - hmm no, not yet..err..y? too costly i guess..

and then the singing competition... American Idol is the one shown here... i dono if theres anymore in the US of the same kind of show - then we tried to do
Malaysian Idol - first season winner - agreed Jaclyn Victor.. second season - ekkk - ( surely there is some very 'good' reasons [ except his voice ] that he wins ) - but shh shh shh.... cannot say anything - as i didnt vote... and then we had ONE IN A MILLION, first time we offered 1 milion as d prize, even though some of the million is for the recording contract purpose :-P Better quality show i must say compared to AKADEMI FANTASIA!! n MENTOR - ekkk..wrong show for me... . Actually kan we had this kind of shows before, since early 70's i think - RTM's Bintang RTM - the winner - confirm with quality voice - but at that time no smsess and still they're using profesional juries, now this kind of show its a hit ( using sms ), as viewers get the opportunity to 'participate' and choose the winner.. but who really watch the show??.. and who really sms?? d ppl who really have the time.. who?? Think..

The Apprentice - Donald Trump - my favourite. although i hate Trump's gutts hehe, in a slightly different way done by Sir Richard Branson - interesting, and a new show airing here, similarly - The My big Fat Obnoxious Boss - interesting title but have not really watch that one - got tired of watching The Apprentice look alike.. and we follow.. we had one in TV3 - forgot the title - didnt even have the urge to watch it, uninteresting at all, they tried to employ people to work with TV3 - laaa...that one also want to do show and Nescafe Kick Start( not so interesting for me either ) and coming soon The FIRM in Ntv7 - hmm I wonder...

then also they had America's Next Top Model Women and Men ( we followed also - but only chinese version ), Project Runaway - fashion designer race ( not yet here I think) , and also yaaaa.. The Fab Gay Five or is it the Gay Fab Five - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - their conversations sometimes funny, very educational, they are very talented, creative but sometimes "eweeee" - and we sort of followed - one in RTM i forgot the name of the show ( but it is a very pathetic show - the interior designs are bad ) also in Astro we have Eric in Casa Impian - better.. but all nothing like the Fab five - costly also i guess

The Bachelor - I watch only the first season - the rest of the season - everybody acts so sluttish , so the show got a bit annoying..and then there was The Bachelorette , same concept..and a few of similar men looking for women and vice versa show.. if they win lucky them , they get the cash and the guy/gal ..err..maybe - and then we tried to follow the concept and it turned out stupid.. in Mencari Cinta - - only 1 season - then they argued about it even in the parliament ( like theres no other important issues to debate about) and the show ends just like that "teeet - chup chup ..our parliament love this kind of stories kan - hehehe teet". and now we have Cari Menantu - islamic way - didnt watch.. so no comment hehe ..

..and then...aaaaa ;)...... this is good, What Women Want in 8TV Thursday 10.30pm- who watch?.. I watch... I like it ... same concept bachelor show - only a bit 'educational' - WHAT WOMEN WANT educational i say? well.. not for me anymore lah, too late - just enjoying the cute faces and this is what it is all about - 13 guys compete , juries, all women choose the right man to stay- one by one gets eliminated - one left who has the favourable character that what women want..and then i think think think, ok.

1. i believe the viewer of this show is mostly women ( main reason - cute guys )- and men are suppose to learn something from this show.
2. The ratio men to women here in Malaysia is : 1 : 4 ( correct me if m wrong ) and we have to be so demanding ( by having this show )
3. Men generally don't care what women 'want' they just want women - so.. there ..

No point - only entertainment - so for those few men who watch this show - at least - Congratulations! you're very kind.. next season - likewise - gonna be very predictable - again..

..and I hate shows that make people eats very gross stuff..blend it and drink it..yukkks..anddd..we also followla also..aiyaaa and thank God we dont have The Swan here..
overall i think the people who 'entered' the reality Tv Show are trying to 'sell' themselves .. in a glamourous tv way.. a lot more aired and airing - cannot catch up anymore..




Blogger Amy said...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for reality shows! But I'm a nit skeptical about Malaysian punya reality show la. Now I'm excited about Amazing Race Asia. Tak sabar nak tengok finale Thursday nanti :P

Wed Jan 31, 01:14:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger Adam said...

There are so many reality shows in the UK that I have lost count. The most popular ones are the make overs - house as well as people.

However, the most popular got to be the Celebrity Big Brother which ended a few days ago. It created a lot of controversy here in the UK.
I thought it was boring but now I am hooked on reality tv shows.

Sat Feb 03, 05:09:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

amy:...haaa msian wins - hidop malaysia...reality tv is the in thing now...i cant imagine waht else after this

adam ;-))) make over house is another thing - obviously promoting the sponsors kan...makes us envy da ppl who got it free...

Sun Feb 04, 01:18:00 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Amir EtCetera said...

Sometimes it makes you wonder if 'reality TV' IS the right term for it.

1. Where singing involved, it's more of singing competition than it is a reality show. Even for AF (emotionally triggered situation is NOT REAL)..

2. When the conscious mind decided that you need to look good on camera. You'll end up playing 'good'.. And that's acting.

3. Where public SMS involved, what you do is dictated by trying to please the voters. (OK, this is the Malaysian reality.. ass kissing. forget this one..)

REALITY TV? - I think the only Malaysian reality shows are those on the news and on the mobile video porn.. hahah

Sat Feb 24, 06:31:00 am GMT+8  

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