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January 23, 2007

Try to not be your mother

..that title is one of the tips when women who had to juggle career and housekeeping altogether..." as to avoid stress, dont try to be like your mother "I think I read it in malaysian women weekly magazine couple of years ago...

anddd... I agree with it..hehe... butttt ironically i have slowly becoming her . OH NO! but but.. I don't look like her..err.. i do now I think

My darling mother is forever sparkling-shining-clean-detail type of person and sometimes its hard to have my kids around her place - not that she's complaining and she understands completely that kids are being kids - but i have to make sure the kids dont do things the same as in our house - my guilty concious are higher in her house, although sometimes i chose to ignore, but seeing her cleaning or vacuuming righttt after she saw spills or crumbs on her floor, carpets and her sofa - is hard enuf... well of course , that should be the way - before the spills cause anyone to fall or the usually sweet liquid sipping thru the sofa cloth and before the crumbs is stepped by everyone and makes it all over the place instead of one spot... but the stress is - I have to keep an eye, before she gets up first...

Most of the time i envy people who has mom to be their best friend, well that doesnt work with me. We still have barrier between us altho we always talk on the phone , gossiping. I wish i could change or she could change - kinda difficult - to begin with - we are almost alike in the way we talk - and like the north and north, cant get along well - and sometimes we hate each other gutts.

She always thinks shes right (which is true - but the way she emphasizing it ), she never satisfied, she can be very emotional - and i'm trying to change and not 'grow old' and be like her, but I always tell myself to listen to her more, obey her, respect her more and on top of all love her more.

Sometimes it is difficult for me ( i dono about everyone else ), when some sentences blurted out of her mouth and makes u stress - maximum! - and my reply to the sharp statement " enuff of this stressful life i dont need anyone else to add! ,and I mean anyone! " - but only in my heart - I used to be blunt and loud - but now i chose to be more sincere and careful - and although that is stressful.. it actually works and 'heal' me faster.. considering the fact that of her hard time she had when she was taking care of me....

But then again she is the coolest mom on earth too - as she loves fishing, we used to fish and play snooker and bowls together... even that - she can't be my friend - can't tell all my problems to her although she can sense it and try to 'korek' from me in her own way like 6 different questions that means the same - and m good at that - guess where i learn that from..

my mother..remains my mother, love her with all my heart.. "syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu" - is not a joke

oh ya and my dad was ok... though he looks a bit thin - the kids cheered him up ;-)

.. i was wondering .. how come generally girls attached to fathers and boys attached to mothers....and i mean in most cases. and for me the luckiest person on earth is the person who are very close to their mothers...

..and err...when is the mothers day date again..


whoooohuuuhuu... ADIBAH NOOR WINS~~~ her struggle in the industry paid off and m going to celebrate with her and her fans next week!! YAY!




Blogger N|i|N said...

Whether we like it or not, when the time comes, we all turn into our mothers one way or another! I thought I did a good job in not being my mom (esp. on things that used to stress me out growing up e.g. being highly critical toward loved ones, perfectionist etc.) but my bro dropped a bombshell one day when he said, "Kak Nin ni macam mama la!!" WHAT?? Tang mana tu??

Fri Jan 26, 10:26:00 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous John F SeaDemon said...

Sometimes I sound like my mom.

My mom's gone through some hard times at the beginning of my dad's career when my dad had to follow the late Tun Razak here and there. She was teaching at the time and could not follow him. When she delivered all of us, minus my younger brother, she was alone and drove herself to the maternity ward. When my elder sister fell ill and eventually passed away, my father was with Tun Razak in Bangkok during the meeting with the Indonesians to end the Confrontation. My mother had to endure all that, and was 8-months pregnant carrying me.

She's hot headed and can be confrontational. But she can be extremely generous that some parasites that she has as friends would take advantage of her whenever she goes shopping or abroad.

But she has always been the one looking after us when my father was absent, and now plays an important role as a grandma to her 8 grandchildren.

3 days ago, my siblings and I, together with my mom, did our full medical check up and stress test.

68-year old mom, and her surviving children ages ranging from 34 - 45 are well. Oh well, except for my younger brother whom the doctor suspects has a blockage of the heart.

My mom brought up 5 children (4 surviving), but I don't think 4 children can look after 1 mom very well.

Mon Jan 29, 12:00:00 am GMT+8  
Blogger neomesuff said...

Nin - 'frightening' eh - but what to do - Mothers R us, now i notice my daughter sometimes like me! eeek

JFS - You have a GREAT Mom! she is a SUPERB wife - You sounds like your Mom - wow!
Agreed - not all children can take of 1 mom - at least one of u can

Tue Jan 30, 05:31:00 am GMT+8  

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