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January 05, 2007

What took me so long..

Internet access was down on friday the 30th, Saturday bored to death although a lot of work to do in da house ( tried to install Simcity 3000 again but - grrr - the cd is already "out-of-order" ), Sunday Morning slept over my parents place for two nites. Got home Tuesday nite, after visiting my "introducer" to my other-half, a dear friend FID.. she is "born-2be-a-lucky-wife" as she has a husband who is a great cook ( hehe - Fid - not saying y're not a good cook eheheheh ), so we 'langkah kanan' that day as he was in the mood to cook...

At home that Tuesday nite.. i was so glad that the net is was 'updating' myself on certain things from my mails while doing a last minute preparations for Ayska's first day at school the next day - and end up sleeping at 3 am - woke up at 6 am - I felt both like a zombie and excited - it is called mummy-firstday-daughter-at school-blues... everybody was cool - except me.. Ayska was excellent - no complaint - its just that she is smaller in size compared to the rest - so as she was only manage to sit behind- the teacher had to call her name twice as she didnt see her - so gotta make sure she sits infront or be infront for most 'occasions' - worst thing - the school canteen management was bad - recess time - pupils were rushing to buy food ( i didnt bring food for her - obviously - wanted to train her to know on how to buy things and also lazy to prepare any ) - havoc! no lines! - she end up being almost 'squished' by bigger pupils - after all her courage and 'fight' she managed to buy a packet of potato fries for RM1!!! - not worth it! At home - she asked me to prepare food for her... ( *smile* *smile* unlike others who felt it ain't cool enuf to bring food from home )... if she is like the others I'd have to give her rm2 a day...!!! Rm1 for very little amount of food and RM1 for drinks... well i think the time will come where she'd then felt the it-aint-cool-enuff thingy - some more cost - school van - rm65 a month ...! in future aghhh dono what other costs..

Wanted to write about this the nite of her first school day - but - I was the very the exhausted!!! i slept in front of this machine!.. so only tonite a bit 'alert'

and uh oh... what happen to me on the new year eve! -


just watch tv - which has nothing..

buttt... as i dont have astro at home...( only installed it at my parents place - for a very good reason ) i consider myself having 'a-good-start-of the year' when

on the first day of the year, I managed to watch three movies ..err...malay movies = which i did not manage, 'afford', 'too proud' to watch - that is gubra, remp-it and pontianak 2 - quite 'old' movies for malaysians. Wanted to watch Gubra ( 5.30pm ) soooo much, its the sequel to Sepet - twas a very interestingly-weird-wicked malaysian movie - and I lurve it! Remp-It (9.00 pm) - hmmmphh - totally carry the image of 'Malay' movies. Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 (1.00am ) - excellent horror - works really well when I was watching it alone in the middle of the nite..horrendous!!

Devastated on: Saddam execution ( my own reason ) and bombing in Bangkok
Still Devastated on the flood in Johore.




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